Pre-Screening for a Learning Disability

You can refer yourself to SAS. Other students, Dartmouth staff members who advise students, professors, and Dick’s House can also refer you.

Procedures in Brief

  • We will offer you an initial appointment to discuss your needs.
  • If you and SAS decide to pursue pre-screening, you complete a pre-screening questionnaire and a form that includes a brief writing sample.
  • The SAS Director or Associate Director may request additional information from others (usually a professor or practitioner, sometimes an advisor).
  • Next steps will be determined on an individualized basis.

If You Are Referred

  • The SAS Director or Associate Director prepares notes for a testing practitioner. If you wish, the notes can be sent to you and the practitioner as you prepare for testing.  
  • You are provided information about arranging testing.
  • You are responsible for arranging the appropriate testing.

If you are not referred

This is usually a provisional decision while you try other resources first (such as study and/or test-taking strategies at the Academic Skills Center, counseling, or consulting with medical or psychological practitioners). We can refer you, and you can return if it does not work well.

Provisional Services

If pre-screening reveals particularly frustrating struggles and suggests the need for services on a temporary basis until the testing results are available, SAS can provide those services. Circumstances vary and are determined on an individual basis.

Assessment Funding Sources

  • Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP)  
  • Financial Aid (additional funds)

Contact us for other possible sources.