Drop-In Hours

Ward Newmeyer, Director, and Alicia Brandon, Associate Director, offer drop-in hours during the first two weeks of each term.

Fall 2018 Drop-in Hours Schedule

We expect many student visits in the first few weeks of term. If you would like to discuss Fall Term needs, issues, or concerns, we invite you to …

Make an appointment: Call (603) 646-9900 or e-mail [email protected], or come to our Drop-in hours; SEE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS BELOW with either Alicia Brandon or Ward Newmeyer, according to the following schedule:

Wednesday, September 12 9-11:30am

Thursday, September 13 1-3pm

Friday, September 14 9-11:30am and 1-3pm


Monday, September 17 9-11:30am and 1-3pm

Tuesday, September 18 9-11:30am and 1-2:30pm

Wednesday, September 19 9-11:30am

Thursday, September 20 1-3pm

Friday, September 21 1-3pm



1. Come to the reception desk at the Student Academic Support Services Center, Carson Hall,
Suite 125.

2. Let the receptionist know that you are here for “SAS drop-in hours.” The receptionist will give you a form to complete for Alicia or Ward. If you would like assistance completing the form, the
receptionist will be happy to help. Alicia/Ward will meet with students in the order of students’ submitting the form.

3. Drop-in meetings will be up to 30 minutes if other students are waiting. If no one is waiting, more time might be possible. Alicia/Ward might schedule a follow-up appointment if 30 minutes
is insufficient.

4. Please stay in/around the Carson 125 waiting area! Otherwise, Ward or Alicia will invite the next student to be seen and you will need to sign up again.