Drop-In Hours

Ward Newmeyer, Director, and Alicia Brandon, Associate Director, offer drop-in hours during the first two weeks of each term.

Summer Term Drop-In Hours


We expect many student visits in the first few weeks of term. If you are interested in using Sonocent Audio Notetaker and/or Livescribe smart pens, pick up notebooks, extend loans, or have questions, we invite you to attend our Notetaking Drop-in hours.

Please note, use of Sonocent/Livescribe through our office requires for this to be an approved adjustment on your Services and Consent form. To continue a loan, you will also need to continue to renew your Services and Consent form.

If you plan to attend to meet with Megan Nemeroff during Notetaking Drop-in hours; see important instructions below for the following schedule:

Week 10 

Wednesday, August 21st, 9-11am  

Thursday, August 22nd, 10am-12pm

Finals Week 

Tuesday, August 27th, 9-11am


1. Come to the reception desk at the Student Academic Support Services Center, Carson Hall, Suite 125.

2. Let the receptionist know that you are here for “Notetaking drop-in hours.” The receptionist will give you a form to complete for Megan. If you would like assistance completing the form, the receptionist will be happy to help. Megan will meet with students in the order of students’ submitting the form.

3. Drop-in meetings will be up to 15 minutes if other students are waiting. If no one is waiting, more time might be possible. Megan might schedule a follow-up appointment if 15 minutes is insufficient.

4. Please stay in/around the Carson 125 waiting area! Otherwise, Megan will invite the next student to be seen and you will need to sign up again.