Current Notetakers

Notes format

  • Typed notes should have the course title, professor's name, and date atop the document. Content should be neatly organized, detailed, and clear. Files should be sent as a Word doc or PDF for accessibility purposes.
  • Handwritten notes should be written neatly in blue or black ink on one side of the page. Scans should be clear, straight, and easy to read whether you are using a scanning app or a GreenPrint scanner.

Turning in notes

  • Please remember to send us your notes throughout the term within 24 hours of each class. Please also notify us when class is canceled or when there is an exam or an activity that has no notes, also within 24 hours of class.
  • Always blind copy (BCC) all of the recipients to ensure confidentiality.
  • Please include a clear subject heading for each email: course name, date, and if notes are from an x-hour.
  • If you do not attend class, it is your responsibility to notify SAS and to find replacement notes for that day.
  • Please contact us with any questions. We will reply as soon as possible.

Tracking time with Kronos

  • It is your responsibility to track your class time to ensure the correct payment on time.
  • Be sure to save after each edit made in Kronos; otherwise, any new changes will be deleted when exiting Kronos.
  • Please select the correct job when entering time into Kronos. If you have more than one job on campus, you will need to "transfer" the time to the correct job.
  • The pay period ends every two weeks on Saturdays. If you have missed this deadline, please contact us for instructions on how to do a paper timesheet. Do not add late hours to your next Kronos timecard.
  • Kronos Training Video