Current Notetakers


Enrolled note-takers (JOBNET C13969) will still be using Kronos to record time for training sessions, but will now be expected to record the time spent reviewing and editing notes outside of the class period. This will help us with ensuring that students receive accurate, complete, and organized notes. This will be recorded as up to 30 minutes of work per course each week. 

For example, if you attend an hour long lecture on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and spend 10 minutes after each class reviewing notes before sending, you will record the 10 minute increments on the day it occurred.

This will strengthen your own comprehension of your notes, ensure that we are providing the best quality notes to note recipients, and ensure that we are following best practices in the field pertaining to paid peer notetaking.

With this change, we offer a raise structure for note-takers. For every term completed, note-takers will receive an increase of 2% for the next term working for SAS in this capacity. The base rate of pay is Dartmouth's minimum wage, $11.50 per hour. If you have previously worked for us as a note-taker, we will use that information to determine your starting rate with this structure, beginning your next term of employment.

Students that are working as non-enrolled note-taker (C3853) will still track the entire class period spent taking notes as it is a shift and not for credit. Non-enrolled note-takers will also track the additional time spent revising notes up to 1/2 hour per course each week. Non-enrolled status will still have a starting rate of $12 per hour and will also see a 2% raise each term worked. Employment as an enrolled or a non-enrolled note-taker will contribute to the raise each term, and it will be reflected based on which position they are working each term.

Employment Details

For information about forms you need to complete, and job expecations, please refer to the term's Notetaking Training site on Canvas. If you have been recently hired and you do not have that course in your dashboard on Canvas, please email us, and we will get you added to the site. The site is intended as both a training or retraining platform and to contain materials that you may need to reference throughout the term.

Tracking time with Kronos

  • It is your responsibility to track your time reviewing notes (and class time if you are a non-enrolled notetaker) to ensure the correct payment on time.
  • Be sure to save after each edit made in Kronos; otherwise, any new changes will be deleted when exiting Kronos.
  • Please select the correct job when entering time into Kronos. If you have more than one job on campus, you will need to "transfer" the time to the correct job.
  • The pay period ends every two weeks on Saturdays. If you have missed this deadline, please email Notetaking for instructions on how to do a paper timesheet. Do not add late hours to your next Kronos timecard. 
  • Kronos Training Video