Testing Adjustments

The most commonly authorized academic adjustment is extended time on timed, in-class assignments, exams, quizzes, and the like.

Altering the Testing Environment

Often, exams are conducted in a separate room, perhaps with a few other students who are receiving extended time. Faculty members should select the room and assure that the circumstances of the exam are comparable to those in the main exam venue.

For example, students in the separate room must receive announcements, corrections, clarifications, etc. comparable to students in the main testing venue, and should have the same opportunity to consult the instructor and ask questions.

Possible Adjustments

  • Extra test time
  • Small group (2-3 students) in a separate room
  • Private room testing with no other students (please provide a clock for student to track time)
  • Breaks that do not count against test time
  • Use of a computer (e.g. word processing, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, enlarge print, braille)
  • No penalty for spelling errors
  • Use of a calculator for those functions not being assessed
  • Oral assessment in lieu of typed/written assessment