Setting Up Accommodations

Meeting with the Student

When meeting with you, the student should be able to show you a Services and Consent Form (SCF) and/or a letter on SAS letterhead, which note the academic accommodations and services that have been authorized for the student.

If a student does not present a SCF and/or SAS letter, please refer the student to us. You may consult with SAS before acting on any accommodations the student requests.

Student Responsibilities

When a student first discusses an academic accommodation and/or service that requires advanced planning or logistical time for the student's instructor or department, the student is expected to do so in a timely manner.

For example, if an additional room must be arranged for an upcoming examination, the instructor should have no less than three working days notice in order to make the arrangements. SAS advises students to notify their instructors (a) within the first 15 class days of the term or (b) within three to five working days of the academic accommodations and services being authorized by SAS, whichever is earlier.

Feel free to email SAS or call to confirm the academic accommodations and services that have been authorized for a student in your class.