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Director of Student Accessibility Services

Provides vision, direction and oversight of all programs and services for undergraduate students with disabilities. Ensures that students receive disability-related services, academic adjustments, and program modifications to achieve equal opportunity in the College’s programs, services and activities. Collaborates with faculty and staff to implement approved accommodations, and partners with the institutional ADA/504 Compliance Officer to promote campus-wide educational programs, awareness and access for students with disabilities. http://searchjobs.dartmouth.edu/postings/50543


SAS Auxiliary Services Assistant

The Auxiliary Services Assistant supports the Auxiliary Services Manager with assuring continuous effective and timely management of Auxiliary Services. Auxiliary services predominately consist of coordinating and managing the provision of note-taking services, scribes, readers, laboratory assistants, and other amanuenses.  In addition, the Auxiliary Services Assistant may provide other administrative support to the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Office.

Manage SAS Auxiliary Services (15%)


  • Responsible for working with the Auxiliary Services Manager in the timely delivery of quality SAS auxiliary services.
  • Assists with identifying, recruiting, and supervising amanuenses, note-takers, scribes, classroom and lab assistants, interns, and amanuenses or others who directly support students with disabilities. 

Direct Services (80%)


  • Process note-taker requests and note-taker applications via email, online request forms and database systems.
  • Set up and maintain confidential spreadsheets each term, matching new and returning note-takers with eligible students who have requested note-taking services.
  • Train new note-takers, class and lab assistants, scribes and amanuenses about job expectations, student confidentiality and effective accessibility support methods and/or note-taking strategies.
  • Communicate with faculty members about auxiliary support services and note-taker placements and processes.
  • Maintain spreadsheets for tracking note-taker timesheets, hours worked, and assessing the quality of notes submitted and overall job performance.
  • Assist with refining auxiliary services data management systems.
  • Assist with researching new note-taking technologies and strategies.
  • Coordinate day-to-day operations and activities for student employees, including work assignments, timesheet review, scheduling, and support.


Administrative support (5%)


  • Assist SAS staff members with project work, or as a receptionist, including answering telephone calls, transferring calls, taking messages, greeting students and other visitors, and scheduling appointments.
  • Consider and foster inclusiveness of the campus community, including individuals who identify with a wide array of underrepresented and/or disenfranchised cohorts, in conducting all job responsibilities.
  • Support the office’s mission to foster inclusiveness and diversity and communicate respectfully with a diverse community.


Performs other duties as assigned.