Matariki Global Citizenship Fellowship

The Matariki Global Citizenship Fellowship is a 10-week global citizenship exchange program. The student chosen will travel to one of our Matariki partner universities, University of Western Australia. They will learn about cultural competency, engage in social impact work on the global stage, and begin to understand what it means to be a responsible citizen of the world. Once at their site, they will split their time between a part-time internship at the host university and a part-time internship with a local nonprofit partner. 

Dartmouth is one of the seven leading universities within The Matariki Network of Universities, who, together, share a commitment to the Matariki principles of: empowered learning, community engagement, and the creation of space for critical and complex dialogue.

About the Program

o    Open to undergraduate students of all subjects and disciplines
o    Engage with a community-based organization internship arranged by partner university
o    8 to 10 weeks full-time fellowship
o    Fellow is provided living stipend to cover transportation, visa, and food
o    Fellow is provided accommodation by partner university

How to Apply: 

Our 2020 Fellow already has been chosen and completing a Fellowship at UWA. Check back for opportunities in 2021!

Past Matariki Fellows:

Jaden Oliveras '21 (Winter 2020 UWA, Australia)
Laura Logan '22 (Summer 2019 Durham University, UK)

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