Learn More About Jan Tarjan '74

Jan-Roberta Tarjan '74 is recently retired as Executive Director of Dismas of Vermont, Inc., a statewide, grass-roots, non-profit organization "reconciling prisoners with society and society with prisoners" since 1986. Dismas hosts family-style residences for men and women transitioning from incarceration, and works in collaboration with hundreds of community volunteers. Before her leadership of Dismas of Vermont, Jan-Roberta served as Associate Dean and as a Senior Program Officer at Dartmouth's Tucker Foundation, receiving the Martin Luther King, Jr., Lester B. Granger Award for Lifetime Achievement upon her retirement from the College. She has served on many local and regional non-profit boards. "Jan" grew up in racially integrated public housing in Boston, later attending a local, two-year, liberal arts college. She transferred to Dartmouth College at the advent of coeducation in 1972. 

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