Senior Honors Thesis Support

Senior Honors Thesis Support

The Senior Honors Thesis program offers tutorial assistance to a limited number of undergraduate thesis writers. Thesis Tutors are advanced Writing Center tutors who are assigned to individual thesis writers during all or part of the thesis-drafting process. Tutors set up an individual support plans that adapt to the needs of writers and may include cycles of written feedback on drafts, regular face-to-face meetings, planning sessions, and more. While thesis tutors will not provide copyediting services, they can also support writers looking to develop their own copyediting strategies.

Thesis Tutors are available in late-Fall, Winter, and Spring terms on a limited basis. In some cases, support may be available during interim periods. 

Writers who request assistance are not guaranteed tutors. To request a Senior Honor Thesis Tutor, email The Writing Center's Director with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The program in which you are writing a thesis
  • The name & email address of your thesis advisor (we require advisor approval before appointing a Thesis Tutor)
  • A title and description of your thesis project (about 100-250 words)
  • The status of the project (how far along you are and when you expect to complete it)
  • A summary of the kind of support you would like the Thesis Tutor to provide

Before thesis tutors are assigned, writers will be invited to interview with the Writing Center's Director. Formal approval of the request by the faculty thesis advisor is also required before a tutor can begin work. We recommend that writers contact advisors before submitting their original request.