Writing Center Staff

Writing Center tutors are accomplished writers hailing from across the disciplines. Tutors prepare for tutoring by completing an initial, month-long training program and pursue ongoing learning opportunities throughout their Writing Center careers. Tutors take pride in their professionalism, approachability, and knowledge. You can schedule an appointment with a particular tutor using by booking an appointment in advance


Margot Kotler

Assistant Director, Writing Center

Lecturer, Writing Program

Margot is earning her Ph.D. in English at the Graduate Center, CUNY and earned her M.A. in English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Brandeis University. She has taught first-year writing and literature courses in English at Queens College, CUNY, and has served as a Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow at Baruch College, CUNY. She is passionate about creating learning spaces that support accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity, and her writing courses emphasize the principle of learning through writing. Her research focuses on queer modernisms, feminist and LGBTQ studies, and life writing.



Julie Sandberg

Administrative Assistant, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric


Consultants for Graduate Students


Betsy Tremmel
Betsy Tremmel

Betsy Tremel, PhD (Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies)

Faculty Lecturer, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Multilingual Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Writing Consultant, Guarini School

Betsy earned her M.A. in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at Iowa State University and her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition at UW-Madison, and she has taught academic writing to international graduate students for the past 12 years. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with international graduate students at Dartmouth, and is available to work one-on-one with students on any type of text, whether written or oral.

International or multilingual students can set up an appointment by emailing Betsy directly at Elizabeth.C.Tremmel@Dartmouth.edu. Describe the nature of your project, the kind of support you need, and your availability for a meeting.

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Photograph of Aimun Faisal, Grad Peer Tutor, wearing a pink winter coat
Aimun Faisal

Aimun Faisal, Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, MALS Candidate & Fulbright Scholar

Academic interests: Legal Studies, Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

Aimun Faisal is a Fulbright Scholar currently enrolled in the MALS program through Guarini. Her research interests include colonial and postcolonial theory, working class histories and the political economy of landownership in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi.

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Photograph of Graduate Peer Tutor Kyle Singh
Kyle Singh

Kyle Singh, Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, MALS Candidate

Kyle is a first-year MALS student concentrating on general liberal studies. He studies the philosophy of physics. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied Physics and Math. He is originally from New York City.

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Photo of Graduate Peer Tutor Vibha Vasanth outside
Vibha Vasanth

Vibha Vasanth, Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, MALS Candidate 

Vibha is a current student in the MALS program focusing on creative writing. When it comes to writing, she loves to write YA, Middle-Grade and Children's Fiction and will sneak in a sprinkle of fantasy in her writing whenever she can. Vibha graduated with an undergraduate degree in literature where she focused a lot on adaptation theory. In her free time, Vibha likes to bake, read mystery and fantasy novels, and take care of her (growing) collection of windowsill plants.

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Tutors for Undergraduate Students

Abby Kambhampaty, '25

Academic Interests: Global health, anthro and bio

Hi! Abby is super excited to be an RWIT tutor! She's from Upstate New York and is interested in the intersection of social justice and global health/medicine.  On campus, she works at the DHMC Spacelab, co-leads the Environmental Students of Dartmouth, case writes for the global health coalition, and loves to swim and run.

Anay Saraf, '24

Academic Interests: Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy

Anay was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Outside of RWIT, he is an engineering materials science researcher and a leader in the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program. In his spare time, he loves playing guitar, eating $5 lobster rolls, and wrestling. If you'd like to hear long, passionate talks about obscure topics, ask him about helicopter cubes, water bears, or garden-path sentences.

Anisia Tiplea, '24

Academic Interests: French literature

Anisia hails from Northern Ireland. On campus, she is involved with Spare Rib and research, but she also loves playing music, reading, and baking.

Arpit Rao, '25

Academic Interests: Law; economic policy and history

Arpit Rao is from Westford, Massachusetts. Outside of class, he is involved with the Law Journal and the Political Economy Project. He enjoys hiking, playing soccer, and watching stand-up comedy.

Arturo Serrano Borrero, '24

Academic Interests: Math, Econometrics, Public Policy, Education, History, and Korean Studies

Arturo is a '24 from Panama City, Panama. As an international student, he wants to welcome students from diverse linguistic backgrounds and help them gain confidence in their written English. Arturo also works as a tour guide at the Admissions Office. He participates in Dartmouth Club Taekwondo, the Parliamentary Debate Team, and Christian Union Vox. Arturo enjoys Latin music, good food, and walking around Occom Pond.

Claire O'Shaughnessy, '25

Academic Interests: Math, English & Creative Writing

Claire was born in raised in Evanston, Illinois. She plans to major in Applied Math and minor in Creative Writing or Music. While she loves to write, Claire believes that you can tap into your creativity in any academic discipline (even math!). She also believes that backpacks should always contain a variety of snacks, so let her know if you're ever in need of a pick-me-up. Outside of RWIT, Claire works as a DREAM mentor, writes and plays music on her guitar, and WoCos daily. You might also catch her commuting via rollerblade in the spring or playing pickup hockey at Occom in the winter.

Emily Fagell, '25

Academic Interests: Government, Sociology, Journalism

Emily is a '25 from Bethesda, MD. Outside of RWIT, you can find her writing for The D, arguing with the Parliamentary Debate Team, enjoying free Tuk Tuk at Hillel, or draining her DBA at Novack. Emily also loves woccoms, photography, and seeing dogs on campus.

Emma Bonz, '25

Academic Interests: Government, English, Earth Science, Spanish

Emma (she/her) is a '25 from Guilford, Connecticut. Outside of RWIT, she's involved in Ski Patrol and the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. Emma enjoys going for runs, swimming in the river, and generally being outside whenever possible. Having always loved reading, she's excited to read your work.

Emma Tsosie, '25

Academic Interests: Native American and Indigenous Studies, Linguistics, Psychology

Emma Tsosie is from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is Indigenous from Picuris Pueblo and the Navajo Nation. She works as a coffee-enthusiast barista both at home and in Hanover, loves photography, being in nature, and her family dogs, cat, goats, chickens, ducks, and horses.

Eric Bae, '24

Academic Interests: History, Law, Linguistics, and Art

Eric is a student of Russian and History hailing from Long Island, New York. Studying Russian and History, he is currently conducting ethnography research on Soviet Jews in New York. Outside of his research, Eric can be found fishing the waters of the Connecticut River with Bait & Bullet or hiking on the AT.

Gracie Dickman, '24

Academic Interests: Film and Media, Environmental Studies, Creative Writing, Middle Eastern Studies

Gracie is from Chicago, Illinois, although she much prefers the hills of New England. Outside of RWIT, you can find her in Sanborn, reading and doing some writing of her own. She enjoys swims in the Connecticut, Netflix documentaries, and playwriting. She is very excited to get to help people do their best writing.

Hannah Tanenbaum, '24

Academic Interests: Government, Economics, Philosophy, History, Environmental Science, Creative Writing

Hannah is a '24 hailing from Harrison, NY. When she is not tutoring at RWIT, Hannah enjoys playing tennis, reading, canoeing on the Connecticut River, and baking chocolate chip cookies. She loves spending time on the Green with friends and exploring the Upper Valley. In the classroom, Hannah is currently undecided, but focuses on Government, Philosophy, and Economics.

Holly Sullivan, '25

Academic Interests: anthropology, earth science, public policy

Holly is a '25 born and raised just outside Boulder, CO. At Dartmouth she loves climbing with the Mountaineering Club, frequenting the Book Arts Workshop, and lurking in the piano practice rooms at the Hop. In her free time she enjoys cooking, knitting, and spending time outdoors.

Jared Pugh, '25

Academic Interests: Political Theory, Constitutional Law, African & African American Studies, Black Feminist Theory, French

Jared is a sophomore at Dartmouth from Birmingham, Alabama. He intends to major in Government with a double minor in French Studies and African American Studies. He maintains an interest in the dynamic between government and race, sustaining a focus on institutionalized oppression and the implications of legalized discrimination in the United States and across the African Diaspora. At Dartmouth, Jared is affiliated as an editor of the Dartmouth Law Journal, an executive board member of the NAACP, and the Director of Communications for the Black Praxis magazine publication. His hobbies include bowling, consuming unhealthy amounts of seafood, and reading political nonfiction. Jared is truly excited to begin this journey of assisting students in perfecting their composition skills.

Jenny Oh, '25

Academic Interests: Comparative Literature, Psychology, Medicine

Jenny is a '25 born and partly raised in South Korea, but is also from Upstate New York. As a bilingual student herself, she would love to help students grow more comfortable with English. Aside from RWIT, Jenny is a member of the MHU and Agape, writes for Dear Dartmouth, and does research with a lab at Geisel. You can usually find her half-asleep in the tower room, walking/running around Occom pond, or in the midst of an elaborate skincare routine.

Lily Sweeney, '25

Academic Interests: Government, English, Spanish

Lily is a '25 from West Hartford, Connecticut. On campus, she is a member of SINC, a connoisseur of Novack iced lattes, and a lover of Woccoms. Lily believes confidence is key when it comes to writing, and she looks forward to helping others feel proud of themselves and of their written work at RWIT. She is very excited to talk about writing with you, but be warned: there is a near certain chance that she will find a way to bring up her two dogs (Lane and Gibby) in any conversation.

Maria Amador, '24

Academic Interests: English, Creative Writing, Psychology, Education

Maria (she/her) is a '24 born in Cuba, raised in Miami, FL. She hopes to double major in English and Psychology with a minor in Education. Apart from RWIT, she works as an after school care leader in Norwich and does research with a team at DHMC. She's a HUGE fan of the outdoors, any and all desserts, and indie folk music—especially if it's made by Fleet Foxes. She loves writing and meeting new people and can think of no better place to combine the two than RWIT. Book a session with her and relish the fact that she'll squeal with joy about it to anyone who will listen!

Molly Stevens, '25

Academic Interests: English, Creative Writing, French

Molly is a '25 from Louisville, Kentucky. Outside of RWIT, she is involved in the mirror section of The Dartmouth, SAPA, and the club lacrosse team. In her free time, Molly enjoys swimming at the river, reading mystery novels, playing the guitar (poorly), and hanging out on the Green with friends.

Neha Agarwal, '24

Academic Interests: Sociology, English, Pre-Health

Neha is a '24 from Littleton, Massachusetts. She is on the pre-health track and is interested in Sociology and English but is still open to exploring more subjects that spark her interest! Besides RWIT, she is a member of Raaz (Dartmouth's South Asian fusion dance team), women's club hockey, WISP (the women in science program), and is currently training to become a certified Medical Assistant. Outside of that, she loves any and all adrenaline-inducing activities from horror movies to rollercoasters to skydiving. She is super stoked to get to work with all of you!

Nina Sloan, '24

Nina Sloan is a '24 from New York City majoring in Linguistics and Art History. On campus, you can find her singing in Glee Club or her a cappella group, the Dodecaphonics. She makes crosswords in her spare time for national newspapers, but you can also solve her puzzles weekly in The Dartmouth!

Sophie Saraisky, '25

Academic Interests: Government, public policy, philosophy, education, religion, and French!

Sophie is a '25 from Montclair, New Jersey. On campus, she sings with the Decis, is a DREAM mentor, and is a member of Dartmouth Women in Law and Politics. In her free time, she love to hang out with friends, play piano, and go on (very easy) hikes!