Room Packing, Shipping and Storing

Updated as of June 17, 2020

Damaged or Missing Items

What is the insurance on the items being shipped?

Each box is insured up to $500. 

Can you describe in detail the process for obtaining reimbursement for damaged or missing items?

Any student who has discovered damaged or missing items should send a message to right away. A member of the Residential Life staff will get in touch with you to work with you through the claims process.  

  • Is there an upper limit of reimbursement? Reimbursable amounts depend on the particular details of each claim. Any student with a damaged or missing item should contact to begin the process. 
  • How will the College define damage? What will the burden of proof be? Students should contact Residential Life and simply provide any relevant information they have available. The College will work with each student individually. 
  • How will the value of items with sentimental value be assessed? Again, it will depend on individual circumstances. Students should contact Residential Life and provide any relevant information. 
  • Can the College be held liable for any items damaged or lost during shipping/storing? Again, this will depend on the individual circumstances. We encourage students to consult with Residential Life about damaged or missing items as quickly as possible so that we can begin the process. 

Packing and Shipping Protocol

Who specifically is packing the items in rooms? What does the supervision and training process look like?

We have heard the rumors that high school students are packing your things. That is not true. The local packing contractor that the college is using (and that some of you have used in the past), employs a crew of workers ranging in age from 18 to their mid-30s. All of the packing employees have been trained by their employer and by the College. In light of the few reports we've received of damage or items that were mis-shipped, we have conducted additional training for contracted staff to reduce the risk of those errors. To handle the volume of undergraduate belongings, we are deploying additional college staff starting July 1, as previously planned.  

How will the College ensure no items are left behind in students' rooms?

The purpose of this process is to pack and ship or store belongings, and to empty the residence hall rooms by August 15th to provide adequate time to prepare the buildings for a possible residential fall term. No items will be left behind. 

How will the College contend with items not stored in individual rooms but in other spaces around campus, such as gym lockers, student spaces, and other students' rooms?

The primary focus of this process is to address belongings left in residence hall rooms. Once the College makes and announces the decision about academic year 20/21, it will be easier to address belongings left in other locations on campus: as part of a possible return for pick-up in July and early August, as part of a potential return to campus for enrollment during the academic year, or through possible departmental shipping options. We will provide more information about those options at the end of the month. 

How are fragile or valuable items being packed with care?

Fragile items are being packed in bubble wrap. 

Will students be notified when their items have been shipped, how many boxeswere shipped, and when they are expected to arrive?

Yes. This is part of the process. Students are receiving notice messages when items have been shipped, including tracking information.

How will the College address items that are shipped to the wrong student or address?

The College is arranging for mis-shipped items to be redirected to the correct address, at no cost to the student. 

When will students be notified which items were not shipped and what was done with them?

The belongings form that each student submitted guides the packing and shipping process. We encouraged students to provide as much detail and information as possible in completing the form. If items in the room are on the list of items the College cannot ship, those items will go to controlled storage for future pick-up. 

  • Will students be provided with an inventory of their items? We are working from the information provided from your lists. Although direct access to the form closed, if individual students believe they need to provide more detail, they can contact
  • Where will items be stored? As we've said, items that are not being shipped go to controlled storage locations on campus. We believe we have sufficient space on campus to meet the need. If we need controlled storage overflow, we will procure that locally at the college's expense, and then arrange for return to campus for pick-up.
  • What will happen to plants left in dorm rooms? We have been unable to water plants in individual rooms. We are discarding dead plants. 
  • How will students be able to access items stored in other people's boxes, such as their roommates, if their D-Plans are different following the College's announcement about the upcoming academic year? If students find that they have items that belong to someone else in a box that has been stored or shipped for them, they should contact
  • What dorms have already been packed? What is the current schedule for the remainder of the packing process? We packed graduating seniors' belongings first, wherever they were in the residence halls. Because we are relocating the students who have permission to remain on campus for the summer to McLaughlin (where they will have air conditioning), we packed McLaughlin next. The packing staff have now turned to other undergraduate residence halls, all of which will be completed by August 15th as planned.

​​​​​​​How can students communicate with the College if they are worried about specific items in their room?

Residential Life staff are responding to students who have questions or concerns. The best way to communicate is to send an email to

Will items in controlled storage or trunk rooms be shipped?

No. Items previously in controlled storage and trunk rooms will be held for pick-up.

Will students be charged for controlled storage for 20S if they anticipated removing their items that term?

No, they will not. ​​​​​​​

  • Will students be charged for storage moving forward if their D-Plan changes pending the College's announcement about the upcoming academic year? No, they will not.  

If students receive items they did not ask to be shipped to them, how will the Collegehelp return them to campus?

In the few instances where this has occurred, the items will be shipped back to campus for storage at no charge. 

Will students who elected to have their items stored be able to have them shipped if their D-Plan is impacted by the upcoming announcement about next year's schedule?

Once the College has made and announced the decision for next year, and students have had time to consider their options and adjust their plans accordingly, we will be able to provide more information about this. We anticipate being able to answer this question by early August.

How will medications be properly disposed of? Is there a reimbursement processfor students impacted by this?

Medications are included in items packed for controlled storage. There is no College reimbursement process for medications left in rooms. 

What should students do if they missed the deadline for the packing form?

Students should contact any questions related to their forms or belongings. 

When will international students be communicated information about their belongings?

As we said originally, international shipping presents a variety of challenges at this time – including a wide range of country-specific customs and regulatory requirements. As those requirements may be relaxed in the coming months, we will continue to reassess. In the meantime, we are packing and holding international student belongings for controlled storage. 

When will Greek members be notified of the protocols for their houses?

The Director of Greek Life has been in regular contact with Greek house advisors throughout the launch of this process. We expect to have more clarity on options and timing by the end of this month. 

  • ​​​​​​​How will the College coordinate with Greek houses to ensure that objects belonging to organizations are kept in those physical spaces and not shipped?​​​​​​​ We will continue to coordinate with house advisors through the Director of Greek Life.


How should students return their room keys? Will there be the $55 lock change charge for students whose keys have been misplaced over the past three months?

All keys should be returned by mail to the undergraduate Housing office as soon as possible. It is important that the keys be returned, but there will be no replacement charge. 

When will students be notified if picking up their belongings is an option?

Students who expressed interest will receive information about this process by June 30th

Can students retrieve items from controlled storage if they cometo pick up their belongings?

See above. This will be addressed in the description of the controlled, timed retrieval process that interested students will receive by the end of the month. 

Are students who live off-campus encouraged to return to retrieve their belongings? Will they have the option to have their items packed and shipped/stored as well?

The College is not packing or shipping items located in privately owned local apartments. The College is not encouraging anyone to return to retrieve belongings at this time. 

What will happen to bikes stored on campus?

Bikes in rooms will be stored in controlled storage. Bikes across campus will remain where they are unless they are so damaged (eg bent frames, rusted chains) that they need to be disposed of under the normal bike policy. The College will attempt to contact owners of damaged bikes that are registered with the College prior to disposal.