Closing Information

For All Students

  • When you leave for the break, lock all windows and doors, and close storm windows.
  • Make sure you have all of your items from the laundry room and have cleaned out anything that belongs to you in public refrigerators.
  • Arrange for suitable bike storage.
  • Return all library books.
  • Make sure your D-plan is in order with the Registrar’s Office.

If You Are Returning to Your Room After Interim

  • Turn off your computer, lights, stereos, & alarm clocks. Unplug these items to protect against power surges.
  • If you have a private bathroom, pick up your belongings so the custodian can clean.
  • If you use a public bathroom, remove your belongings for the custodian.

If a New Roommate Is Arriving Next Term

  • Someone will be moving into the vacant space, so please coordinate with your current roommate to make sure all is ready for the custodian to clean. The custodian must be able to clearly tell what space the new resident will be occupying.
  • If your new roommate wants to store items in the room over interim, they must have a permission slip from the Residential Operations Office.

Changing Rooms/Moving Out

  • If you plan to use Controlled Storage (603-646-1203), do not wait until the last minute, as storage space is limited.
  • If you plan to move to another room and would like to store your items in your new room, you must obtain a permission slip from the Residential Operations Office. If you would like to physically move into your room early, you must contact the Housing Office to apply for interim housing.
  • If you have rented a bed-board or bike-rack, return them to the Residential Operations Office in the basement of North Mass, and get your deposit back.
  • Plan to have all personal furniture removed by the closing date.
  • Double check all drawers in dressers and desks, & check bathrooms and closets for any items left. Dartmouth College is not responsible for items that are left.
  • Make sure you leave your room in good condition. If it is left in such a condition that it requires more than routine cleaning, a minimum charge of $50.00 will be assessed.
  • ** For the time being, students should work with Residential Operations (603-646-1203 or should they have any key questions or issues. ** Return your room key and kitchen key to the Housing Office or one of the remote key return sites located in the Hopkins Center, McLane, Brown, Brace Commons, Butterfield/RS-Hyphen, North Mass, Streeter, Mid Fayer, Woodward, Topliff, The Lodge and Wheeler or the Department of Safety and Security.
  • Submit your online housing application if you desire on-campus housing when you return to campus.
  • Arrange for the Hinman Post Office to forward your mail.