Closing Information

Important Information For All Students



Please make appropriate plans and follow the instructions below. Anyone found in a residence hall or who has items left in their room or hall after the deadline will be subject to a $100.00 fine and further disciplinary action. Please monitor your email for updates. We may adjust the closing processes described in this checklist if necessary in response to the changing circumstances of the pandemic

TIP: Begine packing well in advance of your expected departure date.

Be aware that Office of Residential Life staff will be entering every room on June 8th for non-seniors (unless all residents have interim housing in their spring term room) and June 14th for graduating seniors, for the purpose of making sure that the residents have left for the spring term and to ensure that the residents have followed the closing procedures.  

  • Please continue to follow all COVID-19 community expectations during the move-out process, including wearing a face covering, social distancing of 6 feet or more, sanitizing your hands, and the other guidelines that you have agreed to.
  • Please provide your departure information in the checkout form available on DartHub, Housing StarPortal. This will help custodians with cleaning rooms and will be important to know if there is an emergency situation that necessitates knowing who may be in the building.
  • All belongings must be removed, shipped, or placed in local non-college storage by the closing deadline. Controlled storage and trunk room storage are not available. Any items found in rooms after departure will be donated for reuse or discarded and you will be charged fees and fines for the disposition of your belongings. If you are using an off-campus vendor for storage or shipping, they will not be allowed to enter your building; they will need to meet you outside at a pre-determined time.
  • Remove all items from common areas.  Anything that is left will be removed by the College and you will be charged for storage and the labor to move the items.  The College is not responsible for anything that is left in the common areas.
  • Take recycling & trash from your room to the hallway garbage cans and recycling areas.
  • Double check your drawers, closets, and other hiding places for items left behind. The college is not responsible for anything left behind in your room.
  • Clean your room.  If it is left in such a condition that requires more than a routine cleaning, a minimum fee of $50.00 will be assessed. 
  • RETURN YOUR ROOM KEY…to a key drop box using a room key envelope. Failure to return your key by 3pm on June 8th (or by June 14th for graduating seniors) will result in a lock change and a charge to your Da$h account for $55.00; there is a $15.00 charge for not using a key envelope.


  • If you have interim housing and will remain on campus for the interim, please plan to move to your summer room by noon on June 14. Please refer to specific moving instructions included on DartHub, Housing StarPortal.
  • If you are leaving campus for the interim, plan to have all of your personal belongings packed and removed from your current room by noon on June 8. You cannot do this when you return for the summer term; you must pack and move out of your spring room. We will not issue permission slips for placing your items in your summer term room. Failure to pack and remove your belongings will result in a $100 fine, relocation costs to pack and move personal belongings, and possible disciplinary action. Note that controlled storage and trunk room storage are not available. If you are using an off-campus vendor for storage or shipping, they will not be allowed to enter your building; they will need to meet you outside at a pre-determined time.
  • Once you have moved out of your spring term room, please return your room key to a key box!