Returning UGA Interview

You will be contacted by your Assistant Director about scheduling a returning UGA interview. If you are not on campus during the term you are applying you should contact your last Assistant Director to let them know that you intend to apply.


If you are not currently a UGA, but are on campus, you will interview with your most recent Assistant Director. If that person is no longer at Dartmouth, please contact the UGA Recruitment and Selection Committee as soon as possible. An interview with another AD will be scheduled for you.

The purpose of this interview will be to discuss why you would like to return to the UGA position, your ability to fulfill the expectations that we have of returning UGAs, and your thoughts on where you would best serve (e.g., residential population and residential program). Together, you and your interviewer will also discuss if returning is the best option for you in the coming year, or if you would be better served pursuing other leadership opportunities on campus.

Your candidacy as a returner will be assessed based on factors that include:

  • Your current (or most recent) performance in the UGA position
  • Your potential for fulfilling the expectations that we have of returning UGAs
  • Your motivation for returning to the UGA position
  • Your potential for growth and development in the UGA position
  • Your ability to maintain a positive attitude and remain dedicated and engaged in all aspects of the UGA position