Meet with a Senior Staff Member

Candidates who are rated at the “Meets Expectations” level or above will not need to have this meeting.

Returning UGAs Only

Returning candidates who are rated by their Assistant Director as “Needs Improvement” will be directed to have a meeting with one of the senior staff members in Residential Education (the Director or an Associate Director).

The meeting will take approximately 30 minutes, and will occur during the new candidate interview process. Candidates who need to have this additional meeting will be notified when and where to schedule it.

Candidates may receive a “Needs Improvement” rating for several reasons, including:

  • Their current or recent performance in the UGA position has not met expectations.
  • Their performance in the job has not convincingly demonstrated that they will meet the more demanding expectations that we have of returning staff members.
  • They were not able to address in their meeting with their AD how they will remain committed to the UGA position and to their growth and development as a UGA.

The meeting will help ensure that the returning candidate is treated fairly and with due consideration, and is given an opportunity to represent her or his candidacy fully. The meeting will also be an opportunity to address whatever concerns have been identified by the Assistant Director. Information discussed in the meeting will be used in making a final decision about the candidate’s status in the hiring process.