Student-Initiated Programs (SIPS)

Each residential cluster has been given a small budget to promote student programming within their cluster.  These programs should be designed to enhance the residential experience of residents of an identified cluster. 

Standard Program

The Standard Program is designed to be small, in either a formal or informal setting. The purpose is to provide opportunities for residents to spend time together inside or outside of the cluster. The event should have a targeted audience, such as the women on the fourth floor of a designated community or the First-Years in a mixed-class building.

Examples of standard programs include floor dinners, birthday parties, and HOP shows.

Considerations for a Standard Program

  • Standard programs are $50 or less.
  • To be considered, you must submit a SIPS proposal.
  • Proposals must be approved by the Assistant Director.
  • Requests sometimes require a meeting with the Assistant Director.
    • All first-time programmers need to meet with the Assistant Director prior to approval, regardless of request size.
  • Requests over $100 require a meeting with the Assistant Director.
  • Organizer MUST submit a report/evaluation of the event within 48 hours of the event.

Building/Cluster Focused Program

This program is designed to create opportunities for a larger community of residents to come together for social, supportive, or experiential activities. The purpose is to promote the use of residential cluster space as a place where students can create an atmosphere that enhances their time in residence. These events can also be off-site, thereby giving students a common experience to discuss upon returning home to the same building or cluster.

Examples of building/cluster programs include dinners, massage nights, dances, sporting event parties, and community outings.

Considerations for a Building/Cluster Program

  • Building/Cluster Programs are typically $500 or less (this may be more or less depending on your cluster size).
  • To be considered, you must submit a SIPS proposal.
  • Proposals must be approved by the Assistant Director.
  • In order to gain approval, the organizer(s) must meet with the Assistant Director.
  • The organizer(s) MUST submit a report/evaluation of the event within 48 hours of the event.

How to Submit a Program

  1. Submit a SIPS proposal to your Assistant Director.
  2. Meet with your Assistant Director to request funding and explain your program idea as needed.
  3. Advertise to your targeted group (via flyers, blitz messages, bulletin boards).
  4. Pick up requested funds from Residential Education Office at Robinson Hall, room 311:
    • Procard - sign authorization form and read over pro-card guidelines.
    • Cash Advance - read cash advance guidelines; pick up advance paperwork from Nicole Turner in Robinson Hall 311, and take it to Cashier's Office on the 1st floor of McNutt; must pick up between 9-12pm.
  5. For  Program trips, request release forms and emergency information from participants. Submit completed participant list and forms to your Assistant Director a minimum of five (5) days before the trip.
  6. When collecting money from participants to offset the cost of the program, request funding from participants and turn in money to your Assistant Director by noon on the last business day before the event.
  7. After the event, return receipts, pro-card or remaining cash from advance to Nicole Turner in Robinson Hall within 24 hours.
  8. Fill out and submit a program evaluation to your Assistant Director within 48 hours of the program.

Program Ideas

  • Cultural dinner nights
  • Making fleece hats for the winter
  • Primal "I Scream" Social
  • Massage Programs
  • Morning Bagels/Donuts
  • Various performing groups
  • Luncheon at the Hanover Inn