UGA Spotlight - East Wheelock House

Caroline Allen - East Wheelock House

Major: Sociology and Religion  
Year: 2020

House Affiliation: East Wheelock  
Hometown: New York City
Why did you apply to be an Undergraduate Advisor (UGA)?: I wanted to be able to be a resource and advocate for first year students as they encountered the many trials and tribulations that come with starting college and confronting the many firsts that come with independence at college.

Why do you think others should apply for the position?: Being a UGA gives more meaning to the Dartmouth experience. A UGA can have a real impact on other students. Also, UGAs learn to be more responsible, caring, and organized. The role will not only allow others to grow through meeting their UGA, but will inspire huge personal growth on an individual level.

What is your favorite memory as UGA?: My favorite memory is more of the feeling that I get every time I walk into Fourton (how my floor affectionately calls Morton Four) and see the bubbly faces of my residents. This term we completed puzzles together, pulled all nighters (too often), ate lots of food, played Pictionary, learned some stuff (I hope), and got to know each other. The feeling of hominess that we created is my favorite memory as a UGA.

What do you enjoy most about your house community?: East Wheelock is by far the best house community. My first point of proof is the snack bar. Walking down in my PJs with my freshman to get a midnight snack during finals was a life saver and a stress reducer. Next, we have the greatest staff, in our House professor, AD, Rena, RFs, and UGAs. Every week there is a multitude of events put on for our community to enjoy. I got to participate in a relaxation and mindfulness event last term and got to meet a famous artist my first year. I was also encouraged and supported in helping host a tailgate for one of the football games with Brandon Nye a UGA and a Spa Night complete with facemasks and pizza with Bryan Chung another UGA. The ability to partake as a participant and a host of events shows the power of the house communities. Lastly, the best thing about East Wheelock is the community. Beginning with the floor, then Morton, and lastly, the whole house, East Wheelock is always buzzing with people enjoying togetherness.