UGA Spotlight - Allen House

Maya Frost-Belansky - Allen House

Major: History

Year: 2020

House Affiliation: Allen

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Why did you apply to be a UGA?: I applied to be a UGA to take an active role in building and supporting my community.

Why do you think others should apply for the position?: Being a UGA gives you the opportunity to work with some of the most caring and thoughtful people at Dartmouth and get to know people you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

How has this position shaped you as a leader for your community?: I think this position has given me a unique opportunity both to see the results of my efforts in my community and to be accountable as a leader within that community. It’s important to me that my residents, or the people I’m working with in other communities, view me as someone they can count on.

What’s the best part of being a UGA?: For me personally, the best part of being a UGA is the relationships I’ve built with my fellow staff members and my residents. From late-night walk-throughs with UGAs to hunting down unwanted spiders with residents, I’ve been able to build strong bonds with a diverse group of people.