OPAL Fellows


OPAL Education Fellows aim to expand knowledge and education around social justice, promote inclusion in all spaces on campus, and enhance college life and accessibility for all students regardless of background.

OPAL Education Fellows work to do this through programming, projects, collaborations and initiatives across multiple disciplines to:

  • Increase awareness of intersectional and multiple social identities
  • Increase visibility of marginalized groups and experiences on campus and the collaboration and interaction between these groups
  • Increase thoughtfulness of the impact of words and language to create a more respectful Dartmouth environment
  • Provide services and resources that help students develop skills, networks and an increased sense of belonging and community

Become an OPAL Fellow

OPAL Education Fellows are students who support OPAL education initiatives through programming and projects related to social justice education, community, and professional development. Some projects students are currently working on include:

  • Building a resource around harmful language and microaggressions
  • Collecting facts around police brutality and mass incarceration

Students work independently or in small groups on their own time and meet weekly as a large group.

OPAL Education Application

OPAL Ambassador and Fellow applications will be paused for the Winter 2022 term as we restructure and develop the programs.