Inter-Community Council


Following a Minority Leadership Retreat Meeting in 2003, the Inter-Community Council (ICC) was formed in response to the following student concerns:

  • Apathy in identity-based organizations
  • Division between international and other minority groups
  • Lack of support by administration for ethnic studies and faculty of color
  • Lack of institutional support for students of color

It originally had the following goals:

  • Promotion of inclusivity
  • Rebuilding organizations
  • Programming between communities
  • Identifying relevant issues for each org, and scale of operation (Dartmouth vs. Upper Valley)
  • Keep communication lines open between organizations

Periodically, the ICC went inactive and was reformed under new leadership with similar goals. In previous iterations, the ICC was composed of liaisons for specific groups across campus, ranging from Greek to sustainability to different racial groups.

The current model does not follow this identity-based approach; rather, it recognizes the intersectionality of people’s involvements and affinities.

Current Description

The ICC is a coalition of students brought together to center marginalized peoples and fight for reform on relevant campus issues. Distinct from groups such as the Action Collective, Palaeopitus, and Student Assembly, the ICC collectively finds a specific cause to focus on and fosters a formal coalition to address this issue. The ICC's points of interest can focus on the struggles of a specific community or broader issues that affect multiple groups (e.g. greater support for ethnic studies, improved student support services, greater administrative transparency, among others). In addition to its main focus, the ICC is also devoted to bridging communication between communities by, for example, circulating a list of organization leaders, organization meeting times, and contact information. The ICC recently underwent a dormancy period, and we're revitalizing this important outlet for mobilizing social change.

The ICC is a group for both action and reflection, being mindful to not flatten the various struggles of different communities on this campus. Members of the ICC may include liaisons from OPAL-advised groups, justice groups, or other communities who are invested in the work the ICC does. As part of the role as a liaison, members are encouraged to communicate between the ICC and various communities they are involved in.

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