2020 Pre-Orientation Resource Page

This page includes the full Pre-O schedule and all required documents, links, videos, and readings referenced in the schedule.

Please review all material on this page prior to attending Pre-Orientation. Come to Pre-O with any questions you may have about these resources. 


Required Pre-Orientation readings and assignments

Read by September 1st

Native American Program Mission Statement

Defining Academic Well-Being: The story of a first-year cellphone at Dartmouth

In additon to the above readings, please watch the two videos in Section C below. 

Review by September 2nd

Explore. Engage. Excel. An Introduction to Academics at Dartmouth College
To fully experience the academic opportunities at Dartmouth, it is important to know the academic benchmarks that are required of you and how to navigate the curriculum. Explore, Engage, Excel is a critical first step in your journey. 

Complete by September 3rd

Strength, Purpose, Thriving: values inventory
Assignment 1: Values are beliefs that influence people's behavior and decision-making. Using the values inventory in the link above, read through the list and then choose 20 values that are most important to you. Please create a list with these 20 values and have it with you during the Stength, Purpose, and Thriving section of Pre-O. 

Assignment 2: Think about a time when you felt your best. You were happy with what you were doing, and you felt really positive about yourself. Spend a few minutes visualizing this time period. Next, spent 10 minutes writing about it. This piece of writing is only for you and will not be seen by anyone else. Be as detailed as you can. How did you feel during this time? What were some of the reasons you felt so positive about yourself? What factors had an incluence in making this experience so positive for you. Again, have this piece of writing available during the Stength, Purpose, and Thriving section of Pre-O.

Read by September 3rd

Excerpt from "I Am Where I Come From" -- I am a Choctaw Man

Excerpt from "I Am Where I Come From" -- The Good Ol' Days When Times Were Bad

Related to the excerpts above, please think about the discussion questions below:

  1. We all manage stress and engage in self-care in different ways. What were some of the ways that you saw the writer manage stress and work through difficult situations. What are some of the self-care techniques you use to manage stressful or difficult situations?
  2. Did you identify personally with any of their stories? What resonated with you most? Any examples/experiences you would like to share?
  3. How did you see the students' understanding of their identity shape their experiences while at Dartmouth?

Section B

Education, Health, and Safety: important links and Information

Review by September 3rd

Dartmouth Timetable 
Confirm the latest information about a course, including meeting time, instructor, and distributive and/or world culture designation associated with a course.  

Library Floorplans
Finding your way through unfamiliar libraries can feel overwhelming at first. This document contains floor plans to help you visualize each library's layout as you explore and utilize them. 

Dartmouth Remote Resources to support your wellbeing
A compilation of campus resources that support student wellbeing and health. 

Support 24-Hours a Day
There is always a Dean-On-Call, a Counselor-On-Call, and a Community Director-On-Call. To reach one of these resources, contact the Department of Safety & Security at (603) 646-3333 and ask to be connected with the on-call resource. 

Section C

Resource Videos

Please watch both videos by September 1st

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center recognizes the impact that the COVID-19 public health crisis is having on our campus community and we remain committed to supporting students emotional growth and wellbeing. We are available to provide services to currently enrolled Dartmouth students who would otherwise be eligible to receive care through Dartmouth's Health Service, in all 50 states and US territories. We are able to provide consultations for our students internationally and assist them in finding ongoing resources if they are needed. 

Teaching Science Fellows

Meet this year's Teaching Science Fellows in Biology & Chemistry and Program, recent Dartmouth grads who partner with the faculty of introductory biology and chemistry classes to make them more accessible to all students, regardless of science background. 


Meet Your Pre-O Mentors and Indigenous Student Peer Advisors

Your Pre-O mentors will play a vital role in your first year experience, starting from pre-orientation and continuing throughout the year as they provide ongoing support through their role as Indigenous Student Peer Advisors (ISPAs). 

ISPAs are current students who support the mission of the NAP through program development or in partnership with campus resources. Each ISPA is assigned to a student resource center or a program (i.e. Big Sib/Lil Sib), and works to fully integrate the resource or program into the community. ISPAs provide peer-to-peer advising sessions and informative programming specific to their role. The ISPAs also host the weekly Friday Fun & Food gathering, an event that promotes community engagement and learning. 

STEM Campus Resources

Abbi Fitzpatrick '22

Abbi Fitzpatrick (she/her/hers) is our STEM Indigenous Student Peer Advisor! She is a member of the Blackfeet Nation in Northern Montana. She is a '22 at Dartmouth studying environmental engineering. She is interested in tribal community development through food and design-thinking. She is excited to help mentor '24s through Native and Indigenous Pre-O and mentor students interested in STEM. Her favorite spot on campus to study is the 1902 room and Thayer Couch lounge.

Center for Professional Development; Internships & Funding Opportunities

Elizabeth Coleman '21

Elizabeth (she/her/hers) is Native Hawaiian and Cherokee and is a rising senior in the class of 2021. She is double majoring in Studio Art and Sociology with a minor in Native American Studies and studied abroad at the University of Copenhagen last fall. On-campus Elizabeth is the Co-President of Hokupa'a, the Pan-Pacific Islander club, a member of the Natives at Dartmouth, a Peer Ambassador at the Center for Professional Development, an Undergraduate Advisor with Residential Life, the Programming Exec for Sigma Delta Sorority, and the Professional Development Indigenous Student Peer Advisor. She enjoys laying on the Green, attending the Wednesday Farmer's Market, hanging out in Collis or at the NAH, and sleeping in public study spaces. You can ask her about professional development, going to college far away from home, finding your support network at Dartmouth, the perfect Collis Eggs order, or the Lou's Challenge. A fun fact about Elizabeth is that she designs tattoos for people.

Wellness and Academic Skills Center

Erin Bunner '22

Hensci! Erin Bunner (She/Her/Hers) cv hocefkv tos. I'm from Okmulgee, Oklahoma and I'm a member of the Mvskoke (Creek) Nation. I'm Fuswvlke (Bird Clan) and belong to the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town. I'm a '22, double majoring in Native American Studies and Sociology. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, I'm working on research that explores how Indigenous identity is expressed in contemporary media. I hope to pursue my PhD after undergrad and serve Indian Country. I'm always down for getting boba and chatting about NAS, music, thrifting, books, and more! Mvto!

Big/Lil Sib Program Coordinator

Mikaila Ng '22

Mikaila Ng (She/Her/Hers) is a Native Hawaiian from O'ahu, Hawaii.  She is a member of Hokupa'a, Dartmouth's Hawaii Club, and the Women's Club Water Polo team, where she plays as the goalie. She is pursuing a Studio Art major, with a minor in Environmental Studies. As the Big Sib Program Coordinator Mikaila's focus is to strengthen the relationships between big and little sibs while serving as a peer mentor.