Indigenous Student Peer Advisors (ISPAs)

Indigenous Student Peer Advisors play a vital role in the support of our Native and Indigenous community. 

Indigenous Student Peer Advisors (ISPAs) are current students who support the mission of the NAP through partnership and collaboration with campus resources. Each ISPA is assigned to a student resource center or program, and works to fully understand the support structure and processes for utilizing the center/program from a student perspective. The information is then shared with peers though advising sessions and informative programming. The ISPAs also host the weekly Friday Fun & Food gathering, an event that promotes community engagement and learning. 

When the Director or Program Coordinator of the NAP recommends one of the ISPA-assigned resource centers or programs to a student during an advising meeting, the student is first connected to the appropriate ISPA. The ISPA then provides peer-to-peer insight, advice, guidance, and introduction to that resource center/program.

2023-2024 ISPAs

Rhett Williams 


Rhett Williams ISPA


Jolynn Tripi


Jolynn Tripi

Hey guys! My name is Jolynn Tripi, I'm a 26 and I am super excited to be one of your ISPAs for this school year. I am part of the Tlingit Tribe of Southeast Alaska but I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I plan to major in Neuroscience on the pre-health track as well as minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies. Making sure that each one of you has an enjoyable first-year experience at Dartmouth is important to me. If you have any questions about neuroscience or pre-health feel free to ask me. If you have any questions about coming from a city to Hanover, New Hampshire ask me. If you have any questions at all ask me and I'll make sure I find you an answer. Make sure you are taking time to yourself and destressing throughout the year. I can't wait to get to know you guys better!!! 

Leora Deperry


Leora Deperry

Boozhoo, I am Leora DePerry, a '26 here at Dartmouth. I come from the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin. I am a big family person; coming from a big family, I am the oldest of 10 kids, so I have a lot of experience giving words of wisdom and being a shoulder to lean on. I am super excited to be an ISPA because it allows me to fulfill that caregiving duty I miss so much on campus. I can be a mentor and someone that the younger Indigenous students can trust and come to with any questions or concerns. I want to be someone they are not afraid to approach and know I am on this learning journey with them. I am very grateful for the position and can't wait for all the fun we will all have.

Perciliana Moquino



My name is Perciliana Moquino, I am from the Pueblos of Kewa, Cochiti, and Ohkay Owingeh in NM. I'm a sophomore hoping to major in Environmental Studies and minor in Native American/Indigenous studies and Public Policy. Some of my most precious memories at Dartmouth include being with my friends, being in classes focused on climate policy, and in the organizations I am a part of. Including Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color and NAD, this year as the NAD Ivy Native Council Representative. While here, I hope to be a part of the class of '27s growth, help in any way I can, while also being a friend, and someone who they can always share their indigeneity and whole self with, just as my own ISPA did for me.

Javier Alicea-Santiago


Javier Alicea-Santiago

Hello! My name is Javier Alicea-Santiago, I am a '26 from Orono, Maine. I am an enrolled member of the Penobscot Nation on the Indian Island Reservation. I'm currently on the Pre-Med track, with an intended major of Neuroscience and a possible minor in Spanish and/or NAIS. I applied to be an ISPA because I wanted to play a more active role in creating a great community for all NADs, especially the incoming class of '27s. The NAD community is a very special environment, and I can't wait to do my part in carrying on the legacy of NAD classes before me!


Amedee Conley-Kapoi




Aloha! ʻO wau ʻo Amedee, a ʻo Kaua koʻu inoa kapakapa. No Hāmākuapoko, Maui mai au.  Aloha wau iā ʻoukou! Hauʻoli a hoihoi wau no kēia huakaʻi ma ke kula nui ʻo Dartmouth! 

Hiiiii! I am Amedee, but my nickname is also Kaua to family and friends. I am from Hāmākuapoko, Maui. I love you all so much already! I am so happy and excited to witness all of your journeys through Dartmouth College!  Already, you all have inspired me with your aloha, courage, kindness, intelligence, and mana (power). I hope to share and build upon those energies as we move together throughout this school year!