Indigenous Student Peer Advisors (ISPAs)

Indigenous Student Peer Advisors play a vital role in the support of our Native and Indigenous community. 

Indigenous Student Peer Advisors (ISPAs) are current students who support the mission of the NAP through partnership and collaboration with campus resources. Each ISPA is assigned to a student resource center or program, and works to fully understand the support structure and processes for utilizing the center/program from a student perspective. The information is then shared with peers though advising sessions and informative programming. The ISPAs also host the weekly Friday Fun & Food gathering, an event that promotes community engagement and learning. 

When the Director or Program Coordinator of the NAP recommends one of the ISPA-assigned resource centers or programs to a student during an advising meeting, the student is first connected to the appropriate ISPA. The ISPA then provides peer-to-peer insight, advice, guidance, and introduction to that resource center/program.

Paige Nakai'24

Diné, New Mexico

Evalyn Silva'24

United Keetowah Band Cherokee, Oklahoma


Madeleine Stewart'25

Inupiaq, Oregon