Indigenous Bodies in Motion

About the Series

The Indigenous Bodies in Motion series is a wellness initiative that aims to expand the limited and culturally-exclusive representations of exercise in society, as well as the narrow portrayal of reasons why people choose to exercise. These limited representations negatively affect the relationship many Indigenous people have with health-promoting behaviors. This series is about representing the diverse ways and reasons that Indigenous people support their health and wellbeing through movement – it is a celebration and recognition of how culture, traditional knowledge, values, and interests can be fused together to create forms of movement that fuel the mind, spirit, and body.

Maurice Crandall

I like skateboarding primarily because it's fun and it's a good challenging activity. It gives me an outlet for creativity. I like that you can picture something in your mind and then make it a reality – if you can envision it, then you can make it real.

Shelby Snyder

I was always taught that you dance for your loved ones, for those who cannot dance, and for those who have gone on. It is healing and prayer and it keeps me grounded in who I am as an Indigenous person.

Latrell Kirkaldie

There's this incredible experience of learning from plants that is hard to put into words, but it makes the whole thing that much more magical and worth it. That's why I love gardening as one of the things I do to move.


Pete Young

I ran track and cross-country all through high school and it is just kind of a habit I'd like to keep -- just trying to stay fit. 

Parker Pickett


Parker Pickett