Proposal Process

Step One

The first step of this process is to come up with a topic that you would like to explore and to find fellow students who wish to join you. You may propose a community for summer or for the academic year (fall, winter, spring).

With the help of others, you, the Student Coordinator, will take the lead in writing the proposal. By writing the proposal, you agree to be the proposal process contact person, to participate in the community, and to serve as the programmatic liaison with staff and faculty as described on the previous page. We are available to brainstorm with you and to provide feedback on your proposal prior to the deadline.

Step Two

As part of your proposal, you will recommend a faculty or staff member who can guide participants in their learning.

  • Contact your preferred faculty or staff member
  • Consider requesting a meeting with them to share your proposal draft.
  • If they are interested in supporting you, let them know that you'll share their name as part of the proposal.
  • As part of the LLC approval process, someone may reach out to them.

The proposal form includes an opportunity for you to list common courses that residents could enroll in together. Please do your best to make some suggestions, but know that a common course component is not required for a successful LLC.

Step Three

Lastly, as part of your proposal, you will submit the names of 15 or more interested students for the summer or fall term (depending on the timeframe for which you are applying) who (pending the LLC's approval) will have priority to apply to live in the LLC. By being listed on the proposal form, students indicate their intent to participate in the LLC. Once the LLC is approved and placed onto a floor, they will commit to their participation during the Housing Application process by applying to live in the community. Additional students can apply to the community during the Housing Application process as well.

  • Fall and spring term residents of the LLC must be enrolled in classes.
  • If you are proposing a community for the academic year, consider planning ahead which students intend to live in the LLC for winter and spring. These students will commit during that term's Housing Application process. The Student Coordinator or their proxy is responsible for recruiting students to fill the community during each term. Residential Life staff will provide support for this.
  • Prior to starting the Proposal Form, please gather the following information for all interested students: Name, ID Number, Class Year, D-Plan (interest in living in the LLC) for summer or fall/winter/spring as well as interest in taking a leadership role within the community.