Design Your Own LLC Proposal Form

Before applying, be sure to read over the information provided about Design Your Own LLCs as well as the Proposal Process and have the required information needed from all interested students as this form cannot be saved nor can it be edited once submitted.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 603-646-0080.

Please include a description of activities your community will engage in weekly during summer or fall term depending on whether you are applying for summer or fall/winter/spring. Also consider including collaboration opportunities across campus, long term program planning, and other details. If you are renewing an existing community, please make sure that you describe in this proposal how you plan to take your community to a deeper level now that you have one or more years of experience with it. We expect a very thorough and in-depth/detailed proposal for a community that is wishing to renew its status.

 Please list all of the information required, starting with the Student Coordinator and then adding at least 14 additional students who plan to be members of the community. 

Student 1
Interested in living in the LLC for the following terms

If there are additional students that would like to live in your community, please e-mail their information to: [email protected]