Design Your Own Living Learning Community

** For the 2018-2019 Academic Year we do not have any Design Your Own LLCs **

Dartmouth College believes strongly in the benefits of learning both in and out of the classroom. Through Design Your Own LLCs, you can design an educational experience for you and your fellow students to further engage intellectually during your time at Dartmouth.

About the Design Your Own Program

This residential option is an opportunity for all undergraduate students to design a Living Learning Community in which they can live from their second year onwards. Each community is asked to gather weekly to engage with their topic and is provided funding to that end. Communities are asked to show consistent termly progress towards their goals, upon which termly and yearly renewal are dependent.

Living Learning Communities are a collaborative learning experience among students, staff and faculty. Proposals that indicate a strong ability to meet this goal are preferable. Proposals are expected to have an interdisciplinary focus, as this has been a key to successful past communities. We are looking for proposals that take intellectual engagement and residential learning to a deeper level.


Residency Expectations

Residents are expected to engage with their respective Design Your Own topic weekly throughout the term as described in their proposal. Students are led by a Student Coordinator of the community and guided by a Faculty or Staff Advisor. The community also works with their Undergraduate Advisor (UGA) and Assistant Director to implement its proposal.

Student Coordinator

Each Design Your Own community has a Student Coordinator whose role it is to:

  • Coordinate with the other residents and the advisor to plan weekly community engagement.
  • Liaise with Living Learning Community staff.
  • Submit Mid-Term and End of Term Assessments for the community and keep events and attendance records updated in OrgSync.
  • Recruit new residents to fill vacancies in the community on a termly basis.
  • Provide feedback on new applicants to the community on a termly basis.

Faculty or Staff Advisor

Each Design Your Own community has a faculty or staff advisor to enhance the community’s learning.


For the 2016-2017 academic year, four Design Your Own communities are located in parts of McLaughlin and one is on the 3rd floor of the Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry.​