Entrepreneurship LLC

The Entrepreneurship LLC is the Dartmouth Living Learning Community for students in all disciplines who have an entrepreneurial spirit: aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, coders, and problem solvers. Residents are often pursuing entrepreneurial interests, are creative artists and designers, are savvy in technical projects, or have a vision to help the world through social entrepreneurial ventures.

About the Community

Residents focus on a broad set of entrepreneurial perspectives as they learn about the innovation cycle. Some residents work on start-up ventures that they have created before or during their time at Dartmouth. Other residents contribute to designing the DEN in Residence Program as they envision, design and develop future programming for their Living Learning Community. Students become strongly connected to the DEN Innovation Center at Dartmouth as they participate in and create programming. They establish a deeper connection with the greater Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network and the Upper Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their hands-on-learning experience is augmented by connections they make with DEN alumni and the DEN City Chapters across the United States.

DEN in Residence students have the opportunity to participate in extensive DEN programming, and they are invited to special Dartmouth alumni and speaker events because of their close affiliation with the DEN Innovation Center. Students participate in DEN in Residence floor social events, floor generated programming, and weekly dinners (where they keep each other accountable for their project and venture goals).

The highlight of each term is the DEN in Residence Mini-Trek. Residents take a two-to three-day weekend trip in the fall term or a five-to-seven-day trip during winter or spring break to an entrepreneurial or tech conference in a city in the United States. Past Mini Treks have been in Boston, New York City, Burlington, and the Boulder/Denver area. Students also meet with Dartmouth alumni entrepreneurs on these Mini-Treks. Residents have the opportunity to create solutions for the problems they see in the world and at Dartmouth using the DEN resources on campus and beyond.

Residency Expectations

Residents are expected to be on the DEN in Residence LLC for a minimum of two consecutive terms. Residents are expected to engage in a minimum of 75% of DEN in Residence weekly dinners (Monday nights from 5:00PM – 6:30PM) and other DEN in Residence sponsored activities, which could include workshops, speakers, experience trips, etc. DEN in Residence participants will take trips to places like the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center and local startups in the Upper Valley.

Additionally, residents will spend about one hour per week working to envision, design, and develop DEN in Residence programming under the guidance of staff from the DEN Innovation Center.

Residents will also have access to all the resources within the Innovation Center and New Venture Incubator to work on their own entrepreneurial projects.

Staff Advisors

  • Jamie Coughlin, Director, Entrepreneurship, Dartmouth
  • Sarah Morgan, Program Manager, DEN

Application Prompts

  1. Please provide us with a pitch deck addressing the following questions: Why you? What do you bring to the DEN in Residence LLC? How do you define entrepreneurship and the resulting entrepreneurial output? How do your academic interests influence your entrepreneurial or creative outlook? What have you done that is entrepreneurial? Describe a project that you have worked on that was challenging and how did you overcome that challenge? How do you expect to engage with other students on the DEN in Residence LLC? What project or startup do you plan to work on during your time in the DEN in Residence LLC. Your pitch deck can come in any form: Word document or PDF, 5-slide power point presentation, link to a video in a word document, link to a website in a word document.
  2. Write a 250-word bio.
  3. There are only 2 questions for this program so please type your name.


The Entrepreneurship LLC is located in McLaughlin in Rauner and Bildner on the 3rd floor. View floor plans on the website of the Office of Residential Life.