People and Partners

Staff Advisor (General Global Village)

  • Danielle Hussey, Assistant Dean and Advisor to International Students, Office of Pluralism and Leadership

Lead Team

  • Casey Aldrich, Great Issues Scholars in Residence
  • TBD, Global Village General & International Student Support
  • El Mostafa Ouajjani, Arabic Language Program
  • Jamila Chahboun, Arabic Language Program
  • Ariane Madinier, French Language Program
  • Gerardo Pisacane, Italian Language Program
  • James Dorsey, Japanese Language Program

Advisory Board

  • Thomas Candon
  • Tania Convertini
  • Jeffrey DeWitt
  • James Dorsey
  • Amy Newcomb
  • Laurel Stavis
  • Michael Wooten
  • Angela Zhang


  • Office of Pluralism and Leadership
  • Dickey Center for International Understanding
  • Academic Departments for languages
  • The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education
  • Hopkins Center for the Arts
  • Montgomery Fellows
  • Center for Professional Development
  • Language in Motion
  • King Scholars