Gender Equity Program Floor

About the Community

The Gender Equity Program Floor provides a living learning environment for residents to learn about and explore systemic gender inequalities and gender identities in a supportive and educational environment.

Residency Expectations

Residents are expected to participate in community activities including meals and conversations, retreats, and other engagement opportunities.

Application Prompts

  1. Why are you interested in engaging with the virtual Gender Equity Program Floor?
  2. What previous experience with exploring gender (academic, personal, and/or community) do you bring with you to this program?
  3. How do you understand the relationship between a gender equity program and ongoing conversations about anti-racism? 
  4. What else, if anything, should we know about you? Please include other information or personal details that suggest what you might contribute to the program. 


Some residents of this learning community will have the opportunity to live co-located together in one of our residence halls to allow for a maximum level program immersion. As space is limited, we will also offer the opportunity for students assigned to live in residence halls around campus to participate in programming through our hybrid model.