Thriving Through Transitions LLC

Incoming first-year students can kick-start their time at Dartmouth by joining the Thriving Through Transitions (T3) Living Learning Community.

About the Community

Be intentional about your transition to College by living in this LLC to get to know faculty and staff members closely and personally.

Learn about key resources and opportunities available to make the most of your Dartmouth experience, such as how to get involved in undergraduate research, as well as connecting with the Center for Professional Development, the Rockefeller Center, the Tuck School of Business, the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, and many others. Consider enrolling in the Learning @ Dartmouth course taught by Professor Carl Thum as a nice addition to living on the floor.

As a resident, you also have group access to performances at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, exhibits at the Hood Museum of Art, and intimate dinner discussions with visiting artists and performers.

Residency Expectations

Residents are asked to engage with the program on a weekly basis through dinners and other programming.

Application Prompts

  1. What appeals to you about living in an intentionally reflective community during your first year at Dartmouth?
  2. As you approach your transition to Dartmouth, what about your life journey to this point has best prepared you for the College and what do you think might be challenging for you?
  3. At the end of your first year at Dartmouth, how do you hope your fellow T3 residents will describe you?


The Thriving Through Transitions LLC is located in McLaughlin, which houses the Living Learning Communities. View floor plans on the website of the Office of Residential Life.