STAR Program


The STAR (Steps Towards Adult Responsibility) Program started as a mentoring program for youth who have chronic health concerns. STAR brings together Dartmouth students who have identified chronic health challenges. These may range from physical illness to sensory, or information processing, to attentional or emotional issues. Dartmouth students have opportunities to mentor teens with chronic health challenges in the community and provide friendship, support, and sharing of stories for managing health conditions while thriving in a college environment.

The Mission of STAR:

Make a positive difference in the lives of Dartmouth students with chronic health conditions

Support Dartmouth students in recognizing their own achievement of self-management, giving them the opportunity to pass on skills they have developed while promoting long-lasting friendships and support networks

Provide opportunities, working with the Special Needs Support Center (SNSC), to mentor teens in the community to develop the skills needed to manage independently as adults

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