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2021 - 2022 DSGHP Information


  • Student only: $4,163.00
  • One Dependent: $7,059.00
  • Two or more dependents: $10,088.00

The cost of the plan for dependent coverage is in addition to the cost of the plan for student only coverage. Spouses and domestic partners enrolled into the plan, are subject to an annual spouse/domestic partner health access fee.  A new Dependent Application must be submitted to the DSGHP Office by the start of each plan year, as dependent enrollment is not automatic.

For "per term" enrollment fees (exchange students or study abroad enrollments), please contact the DSGHP office.

Coverage Dates

  • New Students: August 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022
  • Returning Students: September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022

Coverage for current plan year terminates on August 31st, unless a student submits a Waiver or Midyear Cancellation Form to cancel on December 31st or March 31st.

For "per term" enrollment dates and waiver information (exchange students or study abroad enrollments), please contact the DSGHP office.

Claims Administrator and Network Information

Claims Administrator

Claims for services at an out-of-network provider are to be submitted to the Plan for payment within ninety (90) days after services are received and payment is requested.  In-network providers must submit a claim for payment within twelve (12) months of the date of service. 

Wellfleet (Claims Administrator)

  • View or print ID cards and claims
  • View coverage information
  • Network information
  • Claim forms (Medical & Prescription)
  • Pharmacy Formulary

How to find an OAP Network Provider

To find an in-network provider and/or facility that is in the Cigna OAP network, you can do one of the following things:  

  1. Link to in-network providers in the Cigna's OAP directory:

  1. Call Customer Service to request a list of providers and/or facilities that participate in the Cigna OAP network, based on specialty and geographic area.  The toll-free Customer Service telephone number at Wellfleet for Cigna OAP is 1-833-443-5338.  After following the prompts provided, you will need to give the Customer Service Representative your Policy & Group numbers.  Note: If you or your provider call the main number to Cigna, they will not be able to assist in locating a provider in-network.

We strongly encourage that once you have found a provider, you check with them to confirm that they are in the Cigna OAP network as network status can frequently change.

Basix Dental Savings Program

  • Members of the DSGHP have access to the Basix Dental Savings Program, which is a network of dentists who have agreed reduce charges for dental services. Visit the Basix website to find a dentist and see the discounts they offer, all over the US.

On Campus Services & Resources

DSGHP Office (Currently working remotely)

  • Enrollment, waiver, and general assistance
  • Referrals for services in the Hanover, NH area
    • Medical Services call: Primary care and Women's Health (603) 646-9401
    • Mental Health Services call: Counseling Department (603) 646-9442

Resource Documents

These documents are available to help you compare health plans and make a coverage decision that's right for you.

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