Nourishing Change: A Summit with Jessica Wilson, MS, RD

Nourishing Change: A Summit with Jessica Wilson on the intersection of
anti-blackness, weight bias, and disordered eating. Jessica Wilson is a
registered dietitian, eating disorder specialist and community organizer whose
work aims to address the relationship between anti-fatness and anti-blackness
and while critiquing the fact that stories, voices and needs of black women
have been absent from conversations about diet culture, health and wellness.

Itinerary, Tuesday, April 25

12-1 PM: The Intersectional Body and Diet Culture
Location: Collis Common Ground
Students and Jessica discuss the culture of weight, disordered eating, and
Open to all. Food provided.

4:30-5:30 PM: Out Stories, Our Voices
Shabazz Mural Room
A gathering of Black women to discuss body image, race, and food with Jessica.

7:30-9:00 PM: Fireside Chat with Jessica Wilson
Filene Auditorium
Moderated by Dr. La-Tarri Canty and Dr. Rachele Hall
8:30-9:00 PM: Q&A available to in-person audience only.
Registration encouraged for all:
Zoom link available upon registration.
9-10 PM: Reception and book-signing

Itinerary, Wednesday, April 26

12-1 PM: Not Winning, Losing: How weight stigma, race, and disordered eating
affect athletic performance

Location: Floren Varsity House
Open to all. Food provided.

4-5 PM: Exploring "It's Always Been Ours"
Life Sciences Center, Room 105
A casual conversation explaining themes in Jessica's book.
Open to all. Refreshments provided.

7-8 PM: It's Always Been Ours
Collis Center, One Wheelock
A final discussion and celebration of Black women's bodies with Jessica Wilson.
Open to all. Food provided.