Thinks with Shrinks

A Mental Health Zoomcast

Thinks with Shrinks is a mental health Zoomcast hosted by MK Oakley, PhD and Alex Lenzen, PhD. These shrinks will drop some knowledge on psychology-related topics and explore what's on the minds of Dartmouth students. Have something you want discussed? Submit your ideas for upcoming episodes below.

Thinks with Shrinks will premiere on Friday, May 29, and new episodes will be released here every Friday.

On Instagram? Follow @dartmouthcounseling for the latest Thinks with Shrinks updates. If you'd like your Instagram post to be featured on an upcoming episode, use #biggreengremlin to share a worry or concern. We'll select one #biggreengremlin to be addressed at the top of each episode.


Thinks with Shrinks Promo Video

Episode #1: Counseling FAQs
Guest: Heather Earle, PhD

Episode #2: Surviving Finals
Guests: Karen Afre, Audrey Herrald '23, Lee Witters, MD

Episode #3: Navigating Loss & Anxiety in the Time of COVID
Guests: Lily Stowe Alekman, Rebecca Stowe, PhD

Episode #4: Nutrition, Intuitive Eating & How To Use Sardines To Make An Appetizer
Guest: Shira Evans, RD

Episode #5: An Interview with the Mental Health Union
Guests: Amanda Chen '21, Dakota Ma '22, Felicia Ragucci '22

Episode #6: ADHD/Attention Concerns
Guests: Da-Shih Hu, MD; Alicia Key, PhD; Todd Lindsley, PhD

Episode #7: Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health
Guests: Daveen Litwin, Khalil Abdullah

Episode #8: Context Matters: Discussing Race and Mental Health Among College Students
Guests: Counseling Center clinicians, Bryant Ford, PhD; and Arielle Riutort, MS

Stay tuned, episode #9 will air on August 21, 2020! 


Have ideas? Submit topics you would like addressed in upcoming episodes or questions for future guest interviews here.