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Thinks with Shrinks is a mental health Zoomcast hosted by Alex Lenzen, PhD and Paris Palmer, MSW. Alex, Paris and featured guests will drop some knowledge on psychology-related topics and explore what's on the minds of Dartmouth students. Have something you want discussed? Submit your ideas for upcoming episodes below.

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5/13/2021, Ep10: Connecting with our Clinical Staff Coordinators
Guests: Annie Greenwood & Dominique Walton

4/28/21, Ep9: Sharing Concern for a Friend
Guest: Stefanie Jordão, MA

4/14/2021, Ep8: Anger
Guest: MK Oakley, PhD

3/31/2021, Ep7: Sex and Hook Up Culture
Guest: Brailyn Davis, MPH, CHES

3/10/2021, Ep6: Continuing to Cope with COVID
Guest: Brian Bowden, MA

2/24/2021, Ep5: SAS & Mental Health Accommodations
Guest: Alison May, PhD

2/10/2021, Ep4: Healthy Relationships
Guest: Liz Stahler, LICSW

1/27/2021, Ep3: Insomnia & Sleep Hygiene
Guest: Stefanie Jordao, M.A.

1/12/2021, Ep2: Motivation

12/16/2020, Ep1: Holiday Stress & Executive Functioning Concerns
Guest: Yuling Lai, MA


9/4/20, Ep10: Navigating Transitions and Therapy Terminations

8/21/20, Ep9: Primary Care, Mental Health, and COVID testing sneak peak
Guests: Holly Cathcart, PA; Barb Homeier, MD; and Marylee Verdi, APRN

8/7/20, Ep8: Context Matters: Discussing Race and Mental Health Among College Students
Guests: Counseling Center clinicians, Bryant Ford, PhD; and Arielle Riutort, MS

7/24/20, Ep7: Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health
Guests: Daveen Litwin, Khalil Abdullah

7/10/20, Ep6: ADHD/Attention Concerns
Guests: Da-Shih Hu, MD; Alicia Key, PhD; Todd Lindsley, PhD

6/26/20, Ep5: An Interview with the Mental Health Union
Guests: Amanda Chen '21, Dakota Ma '22, Felicia Ragucci '22

6/19/20, Ep4: Nutrition, Intuitive Eating & How To Use Sardines To Make An Appetizer
Guest: Shira Evans, RD

6/12/20, Ep3: Navigating Loss & Anxiety in the Time of COVID
Guests: Lily Stowe Alekman, Rebecca Stowe, PhD

6/5/20, Ep2: Surviving Finals
Guests: Karen Afre, Audrey Herrald '23, Lee Witters, MD

5/29/20, Ep1: Counseling FAQs
Guest: Heather Earle, PhD





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