Active SAPAs

The Sexual Assault Peer Alliance (SAPAs) is a group of Dartmouth students invested in providing informed, empathic, and empowerment-based support to Dartmouth peers impacted by sexual and gender-based violence. They have completed a 34-hour comprehensive training program and are equipped with specialized knowledge in gender-based violence, the impact of such violence, campus resources, and providing positive, peer support to fellow students.

Adrian Russian

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major: Philosophy             
  • Minor: Neuroscience
  • Hometown: Everett, WA
  • Short Bio: Please ask me about my birds at any time! They're my favorite thing to talk about. I also have an NFL blog with my brother.
  • Affiliations: Learning Fellow, Trip Leader, The Dartmouth
  • Interesting Fact: I listen to film/TV scores while I study.
  • SAPA since: 19S

Alex Grasso

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major: History
  • Minor: Government
  • Hometown: New York City
  • Bio: My favorite things are spending time with the people I love, eating food, and listening to music (or podcasts)
  • Fun fact: I know Morse code
  • Affiliations: MAV, SPCSA, Planned Parenthood Generation Action, KDE
  • SAPA since: 18S

Anna Buttenwieser

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major/Minor: Neuroscience (maybe?)
  • Hometown: New York City
  • Short Bio: Hi, I'm Anna! I love all things related to dance, science, The Office, and dogs! I also take way too many naps :)
  • Affiliations: Fusion Dance Ensemble, MAV, Hillel
  • Interesting fact: I'm a middle child which basically tells you everything you need to know about me
  • SAPA since: 19S

Carly Brown

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major/Minor: Government and MES
  • Hometown: San Francisco
  • Affiliations: Club Soccer, KDE
  • Interesting fact: I tore my ACL the same day my sister had surgery to repair hers (the rest of our family has also torn at least one ACL)!
  • SAPA since: 19S

Claire McMahon

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major/Minor: Mathematics
  • Hometown: Saint Paul, MN
  • Affiliations: GlobeMed, Club Lacrosse, WISP, DREAM, SAPA
  • Interesting fact: I was stung by two scorpions in one day on a trip to Costa Rica!
  • SAPA since: 19S


Daniel Lim

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major: Philosophy      
  • Minor: Chinese, Native American Studies
  • Hometown: Polacca, AZ
  • Affiliation: Dartmouth Law Journal, Dartmouth Minority Pre-Law Association, Logos Community, Apologia, Korean Student Association, Zeta Psi Fraternity
  • SAPA since: 18S

Fatema Begum

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major/Minor: Biology, German
  • Hometown: New York
  • Short Bio: Hi, I'm Fatema! I really love working with kids, greenery, plants, and the feeling of sand under my toes! I'm here if you want to talk :)
  • Affiliations: Great Issues, NSS, Growing Change, MAV, SAPA
  • Interesting Fact: I like microscopes!
  • SAPA since: 19S

Grace Anderson

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major: Government
  • Minor: Biology and Spanish
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Short Bio: I love baking/cooking, cuddling with my cat and watching The Office (and have seen it in full three times).
  • Interesting fact: I am a klutz, I've broken my arm 4 times and gotten stiches 3 times.
  • Affiliations: Dartmouth EMS, Club Tennis, KKG, Patient Support Corps
  • SAPA since: 18S

Jennifer Lopez

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major: Studio Art
  • Minor: Digital Art
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Short Bio: I'm a queer Latina from a family of seven. I love star gazing, reading new books, and any type of art.
  • Interesting Fact: My favorite color depends by day, but I always come back to the color hazel/a light shade of brown.
  • Affiliations: Epsilon Kappa Theta, D-STEP, FUERZA, SAPA
  • SAPA since: 18S

Jules Lichtenberg

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Economics
  • Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
  • Short Bio: I love books, art, skiing, breakfast, languages (working on my fourth and fifth now), dark chocolate, and dancing anywhere and everywhere!!
  • Affiliations: SAPA, WICS, DCT
  • Interesting Fact: I never put leaves in my salad
  • SAPA since: 19S

Katie Carithers

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major: English with a creative writing concentration
  • Minor: WGSS
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Short Bio: Hi, I'm Katie! I love good books and muffins, and (still) get excited to see snow. I am here if you ever want to talk.
  • Affiliations: The Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals, DOC First-Year Trips, AXiD
  • SAPA since: 18S

Kyle Sullivan

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major: Ecological Biology
  • Minor: Earth Science
  • Hometown: Higganum, Connecticut
  • Fun Fact: I am super obsessed with sharks and ocean life and will talk for far too long about them.
  • Affiliations: SAPA, OLE, AXA, Hill Winds Society
  • SAPA since: 18S

Lex Kang

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major/Minor: Linguistics, Psychology, Government
  • Hometown: Seoul, Korea
  • Short Bio: I am a movie/TV/YouTube addict with a terrible sleep schedule and strong opinions on minute things.
  • Fun fact: I don't like mac and cheese. Don't get the appeal.
  • Affiliations: Chi Delta, Mock Trial, The Dartmouth, Dartmouth Consulting Group, Dartmouth Political Times, RWIT, Student Advisory Board
  • SAPA since: 18S

Lorraine Liu

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Shenzhen, China
  • Affiliations: The Dartmouth, DTKD, Dartmouth Admissions Ambassador
  • Fun Fact: There is a joke about this single district in my hometown- the Yuehai district, the place that the US government has started a tech war with.
  • SAPA since: 19S

Louisa Auerbach

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major/Minor: History (Modified with Legal Studies)
  • Hometown: Brooklyn
  • Short Bio: I have three sisters, two parents, two dogs, and many chickens! I love to read and cook (poorly) for/with friends. I'm hoping to be a kickass lawyer someday…We'll see :)
  • Affiliations: Dartmouth Decibelles, Hill Winds Society, SAPA
  • Interesting Fact: I've been to Antarctica!
  • SAPA since: 19S

Maddy Mayer

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major: Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies (LALACS)
  • Minors: African and African American Studies (AAAS), Psychology
  • Hometown: Sarasota, FL
  • Short Bio: I'm a queer, non-binary student and am passionate about intersectional justice and activism. I want to become a clinical psychologist.
  • Fun Fact: I love to play ukulele, dance, crochet, and bake! I'm basically your grandma.
  • SAPA since: 19S

Maya Khanna

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major/Minor: History modified with WGSS
  • Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota (uffda!)
  • Short Bio: Hi, I'm Maya! I love any excuse to get outside (Nordic skiing, hiking, biking, and running are a few of my favorites), writing, reading, photography, and having good times with good friends.
  • Affiliations: SAPA, The Dartmouth Outing Club (Cabin and Trail Nordic, and Women in the Wilderness), The Dartmouth, OPAL, Dartmouth Triathlon, and La Casa.
  • Interesting Fact: As a part of a DOC Winter Skills training, I once sat in the snow for a half hour to "see what being cold feels like." Note: I'm from Minnesota.
  • SAPA since: 19S

Natalie Vaughan

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major/Minor: English modified w/ psychology
  • Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
  • Short Bio: I grew up in New England and am really into hiking and XC skiing. I also love movies and writing, and I have four cats!
  • Affiliations: Dartmouth Outing Club, First-Year Trips, RWIT, V-Feb
  • Interesting Fact: I can point my eyes in two different directions.
  • SAPA since: 17S

Ned Stabnick

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Wellesley, MA
  • Short Bio: I have an older brother and sister (in photo) and golden retriever named Lucy.
  • Affiliations: Bait and Bullet, Best Buddies, Phi Delta Alpha, SAPA
  • Interesting Fact: I lived in Japan as a baby
  • SAPA since: 19S

Olivia Brody-Bizar

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major/Minor: Quantitative Social Science (QSS)
  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Affiliations: Hillel, WISP, and I like to run a lot!
  • Fun Fact: Sometimes I watch commencement speeches for college graduations just to feel inspired.
  • SAPA since: 18S

Reilly Olinger

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major/Minor: Government and Computer Science
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
  • Interesting Fact: I worked on a sheep and llama farm over summer! My favorite llama was named Star and I wish I could bring him to campus with me.
  • Affiliations: Claflin Jewelry Studio, The Dartmouth, START, Dartmouth Broadcasting Network
  • SAPA since: 19S

Rosy Zhong

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major: Economics & Geography
  • Minor: Education
  • Hometown: Hunan, China; Reno, NV; or Pine Grove, CA
  • Short Bio: I enjoy volunteering (around kids especially), traveling, baking and cooking, and hanging out with family and friends!
  • Affiliations: The Dandelion Project, DCCS, Agape, SAPA, FYSEP, Club Boxing
  • Interesting Fact: I'm allergic to some dogs and cats ☹ but ofc pet them anyway
  • SAPA since: 19S

Sabrina Li Shen

  • Class Year: 2021
  • Major: Government and Neuroscience
  • Hometown: Wellesley, MA
  • Short Bio: Half girl, half asleep.
  • Affiliations: The Dartmouth, Programming Board, Sstudent Advisory Board
  • Interesting fact: I lived with my grandparents in Shanghai from age one to four!
  • SAPA since: 18S

Sara Cho

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major/Minor: ASCL/ENGL
  • Hometown: Upper Bellevue, WA
  • Short Bio: I was born in South Korea but raised in the states! I have moved many times throughout my life, but home is Bellevue, WA. I absolutely adore coffee, enjoy exploring cafes, and love to read! I'm also a huge fan of art!
  • Interesting Fact: I have a friend group called McChicken – it's quite something.
  • Affiliations: SAPA, KSA, KLS, START
  • SAPA since: 17S

Sophie Smith

  • Class Year: 2020
  • Major/Minor: Econ modified with Neuro; Spanish
  • Hometown: Brielle, NJ
  • Short Bio: I have two younger brothers and a dog. I like being outside and making time to take breaks for fun & random things with friends.
  • Affiliations: Swimming and Diving, First-Year Trips (Lodj Croo Captain this year), Chi Delt, CnT
  • Interesting Fact: One time I sneezed 16 times in a row
  • SAPA since: 19S

Valentina Jaramillo

  • Class Year: 2022
  • Major: English/Creative Writing, Sociology
  • Minor: Studio Art
  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC
  • Short Bio: I love to write poetry and to start novels. I also enjoy watching vampire dramas and the Bachelor. I am currently obsessed with the color blue and making sculptures out of bed sheets. I never sleep and am always available at 4:00 a.m. for a debate over being an X or an O in tic tac toe.
  • Affiliations: FNR, Humbug, SAPA, The Dartmouth
  • Interesting Fact: I memorized the entire first episode of Grey's Anatomy

SAPA since: 19S