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Help us create a caring community by becoming a Dartmouth Cares Gatekeeper. Gatekeepers are individuals who are in regular contact with students. As a result of that contact, gatekeepers are in a position to assist by identifying and referring students in crisis to the appropriate mental health resources.

We offer Campus Connect Gatekeeper training, which is an evidenced based suicide prevention and crisis intervention program recognized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in their Best Practice Registry. The Campus Connect training will assist members of the Dartmouth campus in increasing knowledge of suicide warning signs, teach and enhance response skills when working with at-risk students, enhance self-efficacy when responding to students in crisis, and when referring students in crisis to the appropriate campus resources.

If you are interested in joining our Dartmouth Cares Gatekeeper team, please contact Stefanie Jordão for more information.

  • Up to 25 participants per training
  • 2 hr., 2 ½ hrs, or 3 hr. training format


Dartmouth Cares is a mental health awareness, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention initiative by the Counseling Center committed to:

  • Promoting a caring and inclusive community in which the stigma associated with mental health problems is reduced.
  • Training members of the Dartmouth community as gatekeepers to recognize students at potential risk and refer to appropriate services.
  • Providing educational programs and disseminating informational materials related to wellness, health promotion, and suicide prevention.