A Message from Dr. Reed

To Our Community


The Health Service is open and ready to meet the health care needs of our students.  In this new COVID-19 reality we find ourselves in, we are asking all students to call the Health Service before coming to the building.  This will assist us in advising the best course of action and will also serve to protect our students, staff and community.  Please click on the link to the Health Service department you are interested in for information on how to best interact with that department.  Most of our services are currently being offered virtually (by phone or zoom).  Whether you are on campus or in a remote location we are looking forward to providing advice, consultation, and care (where we can - practicing telemedicine/mental health across states, where clinically appropriate, is something that is rapidly evolving).


We can each make a significant difference in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak by practicing simple steps:

  • Practicing social distancing: staying 6 feet away from others
  • Regularly wash our hands (20 seconds with soap and water) or use purell after touching commonly used surfaces (door handles etc)
  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) – definitely takes practice to implement but we can all get much better at this
  • Stay home if we are sick

Warm Regards,

Mark Reed, M.D.

Director, Dartmouth College Health Service