Isolation FAQs

What You Need To Know

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe during your self-isolation for COVID 19.  Here are a few resources for support and reminders about safety during your isolation:  

*How long will I be in isolation?  

Isolation is now for a minimum of 5 days, with day 0 being the date your positive test was performed.

  • Day zero (date of positive test) - Day 5: Remain in isolation.
  • Day 6: You may come out of isolation and wear a mask through day 10, as long as you have been fever free for 24 hours.
  • If you want to stop using a mask before day 10, you can test at day 6 and again at day 8 (48 hours later).  If both of these tests are negative, you can stop wearing your mask.  Otherwise, you should remain masked for the full ten days.
  • Please note that if your antigen test results are positive, you may still be infectious. You should continue wearing a mask and wait at least 48 hours before taking another test. Continue taking antigen tests at least 48 hours apart until you have two sequential negative results. This may mean you need to continue wearing a mask and testing beyond day 10.
  • For more information, see the CDC/New Hampshire COVID isolation guidance

*What if I need home antigen tests?

You may call the nursing department Monday – Friday between 8am and 3pm to set up curbside pickup of test kits.

*Where will I isolate?

There is no isolation or quarantine housing. Students who live on-campus will isolate in their assigned residence and are not permitted to use any shared spaces other than restrooms. They should wear a mask at all times when outside of their rooms. The positive student and their roommates are advised to mask and maintain distancing as much as possible.

*Can I take a walk?

You can go outside for a walk but must wear a mask at all times and keep greater than six-foot distance from others at all times.

*How do I get food?

During the time you are required to wear a face mask and dine alone, undergraduate students who have purchased a meal plan and Tuck students can pick up their food at specific locations on campus. Read Dartmouth's COVID-19 dining guidance for instructions on how to pick up meals.

When you leave your room or residence, remember to wear a face mask and avoid close contact with others. You are required to dine alone and avoid public spaces for at least 10 days from when you first tested positive even if you end isolation earlier.

*What if I have close contacts?

A close contact is defined as any person who was closer than 6 feet to you for greater than 15 cumulative minutes over 24 hours during your infectious time period regardless of mask wearing or being indoors vs. outdoors. Please think about any contacts that meet this definition in the 48 hours prior to the time of your testing or the onset of symptoms, whichever came first.  When thinking about with whom you may have been in close contact, please remember to include roommates, classmates, professors, and college staff.

It is your responsibility to notify your close contacts regarding your COVID-19 diagnosis.  Please direct them to the following website for information and resources:

*Who Do I Call If I Have a Problem?

MEDICAL CONCERNS (603) 646-9440

Please call our nursing department, available 24/7, with any medical concerns.  Nursing staff will help facilitate your care.  If you receive a voice mail, we will call back!  Please leave a message with a call back number and be sure your phone is able to receive messages.

There is always a counselor on-call 24/7:
During Regular Business Hours (M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.), you can call the office (603-646-9442) and ask to speak with the counselor on-call. If you receive voice mail, leave a message with your call back number and be sure your phone is able to receive messages.
After Regular Business Hours: call (603) 646-9442 and choose option #1 to be connected with the on-call provider.

You can find information on various groups and resources sponsored by the Counseling Center by following the links below:

For issues or questions with your residence hall or room including Wi-Fi, heat, bathroom, windows, water leaking, etc., contact Residential Operations at 603-646-1203 or

SAFETY CONCERNS (603) 646-4000
The Department of Safety & Security (DOSS) is available 24 hours/day 7 days/week

Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

The Student Wellness Center has quite a few virtual offerings that you may find enjoyable, such as drop in mindfulness and yoga classes. They also offer wellness check ins. 

We understand how difficult isolation can be and we appreciate your willingness to comply with our instructions!    

Please let us know if there is anything, we can provide to make your time in isolation a bit easier or more cheerful.