Travel Quarantine and Return to Campus Information

Travel Quarantine Information

What are the quarantine rules?

If you are an undergraduate arriving to the area from outside the Upper Valley or a graduate student arriving to the area from outside New England, you are not permitted to enter any grocery store, restaurant, pharmacy, or other public or campus building until you complete a 10-day quarantine. Travelers now have the option to shorten their travel-related quarantine if all the following apply: the person gets a molecular-based test (an antigen is not acceptable) on day 7 (or later) of their quarantine, the person tests negative, and they remain asymptomatic.  Do not take public transportation, taxis, or ride-shares during the quarantine period. If you are outside to pick up supplies or take a walk, you must wear a face covering at all times and maintain 6 feet physical distancing. No visitors are permitted in your room during the quarantine period. You may not enter any Dartmouth College campus buildings other than your dorm until you have completed the quarantine.

During the quarantine period, you must also monitor yourself for symptoms, including checking your temperature twice a day.  If you develop fever of 100.4 F or greater or any other symptoms of concern, please call DCHS at 603-646-9401 for evaluation.

More information on Dartmouth College quarantine policy is available here.

Helpful information from the New Hampshire Department of Health can be found at this link.  New Hampshire's most recent travel guidelines are published here.

What if I need medication or pharmacy supplies?

Call the Dick Hall's House Pharmacy at (603) 646-9456 to place your order. When you arrive at the Health Service building, please wait outside and call the same number and a pharmacy representative will deliver your items.

How can I get food?

The Dean's office for your program can provide additional details and support regarding specific plans for food.

Dartmouth Dining has options for graduate students including "lunch and dinner" and "dinner only" plans. You can choose between standard selections, vegetarian or vegan offerings. Call 603-646-2271 or email to sign up for the service. Fees do apply.

Several local grocery stores offer curbside pick-up:
Coop Food Stores (Hanover, Lebanon) -
Price Chopper (Lebanon and West Lebanon) -
Hannaford (West Lebanon) -
Dan and Whit's (Norwich) – email
Favorite Hanover takeout and delivery includes Ramunto's, Pine, Molly's, Murphy's, Market Table, Jewel of India, Boloco's and Cutting's North Side Café.

Check out more options at the Upper Valley Business Alliance's list:

More Questions?

Check out the Dartmouth College Quarantine FAQs