Quarantine FAQs

What You Need To Know

COVID 19 Quarantine FAQs   

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe during your quarantine for COVID 19 exposure or recent travel.  Here are a few resources for support and reminders about safety during your isolation:   

*How long will I be here?  

You will need to stay in quarantine for 10 days after your last COVID exposure.   If you develop symptoms during this period, we will discuss transfer to the isolation dorm.  We cannot clear you to return to your dorm of origin unless you are documenting your temperatures twice daily.  Please record those numbers daily.  Let us know if you need more thermometers!   You will receive a daily survey through your health portal to log symptoms and alert our provider staff to any concerns.  The survey arrives at 9 a.m., please complete it as soon as possible.

If you are in quarantine due to recent travel, you will need to stay in quarantine until you have received the results of a (negative) covid test, which will be obtained around 7 days after your arrival to campus.

*What do I need to take with me when I leave my dorm?  

Think about everything you might need for the next 10 days…laptop, phone, charging cords, toiletries, laundry supplies, academic supplies…there will be clean linens in the room.  If you are located in MCC, you will have a microwave and a mini-frig in the apartment. We are asking that you refrain from using unnecessary items that require electricity so that we do not overload the circuits. Laptops and phone chargers are fine but please do not use hairdryers, gaming equipment, etc.  Laundry facilities are located in the basement of the center section of each building.  

*How will I get food?  

Dartmouth Dining is committed to delivering meals for anyone placed in on-campus quarantine or isolation housing.  Deliveries are made twice daily, with dinner including a breakfast for the following day.  The delivery menu features the most popular options being served at the Class of 1953 Commons that day.  Each meal includes an entrée, sides, dessert, and beverage.

On the first day of your placement, please call 603-646-9701 to arrange that day's meals.  After that you will receive a URL to enroll in online ordering for the remainder of your stay.  Orders placed online should be completed by midnight for the next day's deliveries. Deliveries will be made to a designated common space within each building.

These meals are covered by the Ivy Flex term dining plan.  Meals for those not enrolled in the Ivy Flex plan may result in additional dining fees.

Please call '53 Commons with any questions at 603-646-9701 or email dartmouth.dining@dartmouth.edu.

*What do I do with my trash?  

Each meal will include a trash bag.  After you eat, please collect meal trash and any other daily trash, tie off, and leave in the trash barrel on the landing outside your room. 

*Where can I do laundry?  

Laundry facilities are located in the basement of the center section of each building.  Please wear a mask when you are out doing your laundry and use the disinfectant provided to clean surfaces when you are finished.  

*What if I need more toilet paper?  

Contact residential operations at 646-1203 or residential.operations@dartmouth.edu and they will deliver outside your door.

*Can I have a visitor?  

No visitors are allowed during the quarantine period.  We also ask that you wear a mask when you leave the room to collect food. 

*Can I take a walk?  

It is OK to take a walk as long as you are practicing strict social distancing (>6 feet) and wearing a mask per current CDC recommendations.  You may not enter any other buildings on or off-campus. 

*What do I do if I need something or I am feeling worse? How do I collect any items I might request?

You can indicate needs for help with food or medicine on your daily survey and one of our staff will be in touch.   If you are feeling unwell or need additional support between check-ins, please call 603-646-9440.

If you do request an item, Dick's House staff will do our best to get it to your door during working hours Monday through Friday.   

*Will there be custodial service?  What if I have a problem in my room or building?  

Sorry, there is no custodial service available.  If you have a problem in the room or building, please reach out to residential operations at 646-1203 or residential.operations@dartmouth.edu.  If there is an emergency after hours or on weekends, please call the Troubleshooters at 646-2344. 

*I have a car that I need to park near the building where I will be staying.  What should I do?

Please email Transportation.Services@Dartmouth.edu to advise of any parking needs.

*What is the discharge process?  

A Dick's House provider will determine when you are cleared to return to your dorm.  You'll need to wait until the provider calls you with clearance as Safety and Security may need to reestablish access to your original room.   

When you depart, we ask you to leave your access card/key on the kitchen table.  

Please gather all linens, place in a garbage bag and tie it off.  Leave this on the bed. 

Any remaining trash items should be placed in a separate garbage bag, tied off and deposited in the outside bin. 

When you leave the dorm, remember to continue physical distancing (> 6 feet) at all times and wear a mask when in public (current CDC guidelines).  If you need masks, check in at the dining hall or call our nursing staff. 

Anything that is left in the room will be recycled or discarded.