Multicultural Greek Council

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) facilitates and assists the achievement of multicultural fraternities and sororities as they prepare members for society through a valuable fraternal experience.

About Us

The MGC recognizes the benefits of a culturally inclusive Greek community and that through the combined efforts of culturally diverse organizations, we wield a greater impact within Dartmouth College’s Greek community.

The purpose of MGC is to facilitate and assist the achievement of multicultural Greek organizations as they prepare members for society through a valuable fraternal experience based on the Principles of Greek Life, as well as to promote cultural awareness among the MGC, Dartmouth College and the greater community.

Member Chapters / Organizations

Alpha Chi Alpha (Alpha Chi)

  • Established in 1919 as Alpha Chi Rho
  • Local

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA)

Alpha Phi (A Phi)

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (The Alphas)

Alpha Pi Omega Sorority (A Pi O)

Alpha Theta

  • Local
  • Established in 1921 as Theta Chi
  • Privately owned house
  • Chapter website

Alpha Xi Delta (AZD)

Beta Alpha Omega (Beta)

  • Established in 1858 as Sigma Delta Pi
  • Local

Bones Gate (BG)

  • Established in 1901 as Delta Tau Delta
  • Local

Chi Delta (Chi-Delt)

Chi Gamma Epsilon (Chi Gam)

  • Established in 1905 as Kappa Sigma
  • Local

Chi Heorot (Heorot)

  • Established in 1898 as Alpha Omega
  • Local

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Deltas)

  • Founded in 1913
  • The Pi Theta Chapter was charted in 1985 at Dartmouth College
  • National website

Epsilon Kappa Theta (Theta)

Gamma Delta Chi (GDX)

  • Established in 1908
  • Local

Kappa Delta (KD)

Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE)

Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa)

Kappa Kappa Kappa (Tri-Kap)

  • Established in 1842
  • Local

Phi Delta Alpha (Phi Delt)

  • Established in 1884 as Phi Delta Theta
  • Local

Phi Tau

  • Local
  • Established in 1905 as Phi Sigma Kappa
  • Privately owned house
  • Chapter website

Psi Upsilon (Psi U)

  • Established in 1841
  • National

Sigma Delta (Sigma Delt)

Sigma Nu (Sig Nu)

  • Established in 1901 as Pukwana
  • National

The Tabard

  • Local
  • Established in 1857 as Phi Zeta Mu
  • Privately owned house
  • Chapter website

Theta Delta Chi (TDX)

  • Established in 1869
  • National

Zeta Psi (Zete)

  • Established in 1853
  • National