Our Program

Through one-on-one mentor-mentee meetings, social events, retreats, and workshops, FYSEP students learn the mechanics of a successful Dartmouth experience while forging a strong peer network that will continue even after graduation.

Pre-Orientation Information

The FYSEP Pre-Orientation Program for the 2019-2020 school year will have it's dates posted shortly. A typical day includes sample classes taught by Dartmouth faculty members, skill-building workshops and seminars, self-assessment and goal-setting sessions, team and community building activities, and small group discussions.

During pre-orientation, FYSEP students experience authentic classroom settings with Dartmouth professors from a range of departments.  These professors assign homework, hold office hours, and provide feedback on student work—all in an attempt to best prepare the FYSEP students for the challenges and rewards of Dartmouth's rigorous academic expectations.


  • All expenses are covered for FYSEP participants. 
  • All FYSEP students are able to move into their assigned rooms for the year at the beginning of the program. 
  • All dining expenses are covered for FYSEP students during the 5-day pre-orientation program. Although students will be free to eat on their own for some meals, most meals will be with FYSEP students and program staff.
  • FYSEP students may attend both a Dartmouth Outing Club Orientation Trip and the FYSEP pre-orientation. Students participate in an early section of Orientation Trips and then attend FYSEP.
  • It is very difficult to attend FYSEP and practice with a varsity athletic team, but it is not impossible to do so. Students need to discuss individual arrangements with program staff to see if it is possible.

Peer Mentoring

The mentor-based support network provides FYSEP students with one-on-one peer mentoring from upperclass students who have been carefully selected to provide support and guidance during the pre-orientation program and on a regular basis during the first year.

FYSEP mentors are enthusiastic upperclass students who learned from their own transitions to Dartmouth how to successfully navigate all that the College has to offer. They are trained to offer support and guidance to program participants and have deep knowledge of the mechanics of a successful Dartmouth experience.

Social Events

Foster a sense of community among scholars and mentors, with activities such as bowling, learn-to-ski, movie nights, apple-picking, FYSEP sponsored hikes, and etc.

Workshops and Seminars

Introduce FYSEP students to the many features of the Dartmouth experience in a low-pressure environment. The sessions during pre-orientation and on-going workshops throughout the year help participants to enhance their skills, and to reflect on their goals and abilities.

Ongoing enrichment activities throughout the first year to reinforce the skills learned during the pre-orientation program, to tackle challenges in the moment, and to sustain the close-knit FYSEP community.