Boren Application Process

Boren Application Schedule

January 6, 2020

Campus Deadline for Electronic Application and Other Materials

January 2020

Committee on Graduate Fellowship Interviews

February 3, 2020

Deadline for Dartmouth Applicants to Submit Final Online Application to Boren

February 5, 2020 - 5:00pm

Official Boren Deadline for Final Electronic Application and Material Submission

May 2020

Scholarship Recipients Announced


Boren Scholarship applicants must be endorsed by the Dartmouth College Committee on Graduate Fellowships. In order to be endorsed, candidates must:

  • Complete the Online Scholarship & Fellowship Registration Form (Submit prior to the campus deadline). This form provides Fellowship Advising with the necessary information to open an application file and communicate with you about the application process.
  • Complete the Nomination Permission Form and Waiver (E-mail to Fellowship¬†Advising prior to the campus deadline)
  • Complete the Boren online application and submit the application electronically by the campus deadline. This will be accessible by Fellowship Advising and not by the Boren Scholarship.
  • Apply for a transfer term through the Registrar's Office by the appropriate deadline and be in touch with your academic dean to confirm that you have taken the appropriate steps to plan for your time away from Dartmouth. Because of registrar deadlines, you must prepare to be away even before you know whether or not you have received the Boren. If you are not awarded the Boren, you may chose to remain on campus instead.

Application Requirements

The following materials are required by the Boren Scholarship and should be on the application website by the campus deadline:

  • Two recommendation¬†letters (required), third (optional).
  • Transcript (with Fall grades). Please request an electronic transcript through Banner. If your Dartmouth transcript shows a "TR" for study abroad or other courses, you must have a separate transcript for those courses. This is true even if the program originated through Dartmouth.
  • Language self-assessment and (optional) language proficiency form.
  • One page study abroad program description.
  • Support letters for direct enrollment (if applicable).

The Committee on Graduate Fellowships will read your application materials. All applicants will be interviewed for the purpose of rating their applications.

Final Application Submission

Nominees will submit final applications online a few days prior to the official deadline (see schedule above for exact deadlines).

The Fellowship Advising office will complete and upload the online campus review.