Withdrawing Recognition

Reasons and Procedures for Withdrawal

The Council on Student Organizations (COSO) reserves the right to withdraw recognition from any organization at any time, provided:

  • The organization shall be notified of the intent to withdraw recognition and the reason(s) for which recognition is to be withdrawn. Furthermore, the officers of the organization shall be given the opportunity to appear before the Council before any motion for withdrawal of recognition shall be brought to vote.
  • A majority vote of the members of COSO shall be required for the withdrawal of recognition from a student organization.
  • Withdrawal of recognition of an organization shall not prevent such organization from re-applying for recognition at the end of either two (2) full College terms, or at the end of six (6) months, whichever comes first.
  • Withdrawal of recognition from an organization may be in response to any violations of the above-described prerequisites for recognition. Furthermore, such action may be taken at the discretion of COSO if the members of COSO shall determine that the organization is no longer functioning in a manner consistent with its stated Aims and Objectives.
  • Any COSO member may bring before COSO at any time a motion for the withdrawal of recognition of a recognized organization.