Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom is provided free of charge for current students, faculty, and staff at Dartmouth. You automatically have a Dartmouth Zoom account. Just install the software and you'll be ready to go!

While we're apart, we wanted to help you Zoom on back to some of your favorite place at Dartmouth, so enjoy these background images for you Zoom calls.

Did you know you can change your Zoom background?

This feature was created to hide what's behind you in case you can't find a blank wall. Why not make it fun? Whether you're missing campus, want to virtually hangout on the Green, or meet your with your club in your favorite Collis space - we're here for you!

To download our backgrounds:

  • Click this link to access our Engage folder of backgrounds.
  • To download individual image: click the image and the left-click or control click to save the image to your computer.

To change your Zoom background:

  • In your Zoom meeting
    • Select the arrow to the right of the Video button in the bottom left part of your screen
    • Select "Virtual background"
  • In your overall settings
    • Open your Zoom application
    • Go to settings, then "virtual background"
    • Click the + button, and select your new background!
    • You may have to deselect "mirror my video"

Suggestions for more places to add? Email Student.Involvement@dartmouth.edu and we'll do our best to find a great photo for you.