Resources and Support

Our student organizations are one of the strongest pieces of the Dartmouth community, and we look forward to helping you sustain your organizations and even thrive in this challenging time. If you have any questions or would like to set up a phone call or Zoom appointment, please blitz or call us at 603-646-3399 and we'll get you connected to the best person to help.

Staff Support

As you navigate remote learning and engagement, our staff remains ready and available to support you with anything you may need.  A few things we can advise on include:

  • Tips and ideas for moving meetings, organizational business, and programs to Zoom and other online platforms

  • Virtual elections and leadership transitions

  • Support reviewing your constitution and bylaws

  • Starting a new organization in the future

  • Budget and finance questions


  • Zoom is a web-based conferencing platform that is accessible on MacOS, WIndows, iOS, and Android mobile devices.  Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff can create virtual meetings that can be joined by anyone in the world with a simple link. Up to 300 people can participate in a Zoom meeting at one time.

Useful Engage Features

Check out your organization's Engage page. Engage has the capability to facilitate many things online that organizations may have initially scheduled for in person meetings during the next few weeks into the remainder of the semester. The organization tools available for your organizations may be very helpful for this.

  • Elections - The elections organization tool can be used to hold online votes for your organization.

  • News - The news organization tools can be used to share news posts and distribute information to your organization's members. There is also a discussion feature that could be used to collect feedback or host conversations on specific topics. This may be helpful for creating an online forum.

  • Events - Promote your organization's virtual events using the Engage event calendar.  You're able to include meeting links (Zoom, Skype, and more) and instructions so organization members can join the virtual meeting easily. This may be helpful for sharing virtual meeting locations.

  • Roster Messaging - The organization tool can be used to easily communicate with all the members listed on your organization's roster. This may be useful for communicating a plan with your organization or sharing relevant announcements.

Other Resources

Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff have access to a variety of other collaborative tools, including: