Emerging Leaders Workshops

Emerging Leaders Workshops are designed for students stepping into new leadership roles, as well as seasoned student leaders who are looking to refresh or gain new skills and knowledge. Workshops are led by the staff of the Office of Student Life and are open to all undergraduate students. Workshops will incorporate skill-building, reflection, goal-setting, and small group activities to help students develop the skills needed to run an effective student organization.

Refreshments are provided for attendees. Students who register for and attend 2 or more workshops will receive a book-bound "Emerging Leaders" journal.

19X Workshops

To register for any of these workshops, click the workshop title to RSVP through OrgSync. Unless otherwise indicated, workshops are 50-60 minutes long.

Balance, Organization, and Time Management

Monday, 7/22 – 1pm, Collis 301E

Student Leaders at Dartmouth often find themselves pulled between multiple commitments including academics, extracurricular involvements, social life and personal needs. In this session, we'll explore tools and strategies to optimize your organization, increase your bandwidth, and work to have more balance in your life.


Leadership Dilemmas: Values-Based Decision-Making

Monday, 7/22 – 5:30pm, Collis 301E

How can values- personal and organizational- help inform your decision making as an emerging leader? This workshop allows you to reflect on ways to create a culture that is welcoming to all members and supportive of the goals and values of your organization. We will discuss “real-life” leadership dilemmas that Dartmouth students may face and offer an opportunity to fine-tune practices and activities within your group.


Member Engagement and Retention

Tuesday, 7/23 – 12pm, Collis 212                        

Sometimes it seems easiest to let the leadership team take care of everything, but one of the most important things you can do for your organization is develop strategies to meaningfully engage new and general members. In this session, we will discuss strategies for making your membership feel engaged and valued, so that they stick around and become reliable members of your organization.


Conflict and Compromise in Organizational Leadership

Wednesday, 7/24 – 1pm, Collis 301E

Organizational leadership will eventually lead to a disagreement between constituents. In a group of peers, this is often complicated by friendships and social ties. Learn strategies for having difficult conversations with fellow officers, leaders, friends and volunteers - reach agreement by owning your own contribution to the problems, conveying your side without judgment and seeking first to understand. These are valuable skills that can be used in innumerable settings. Theory and discussion based.


Agency and Advocacy

Wednesday, 7/24 – 5:30pm, Collis 301E

Organizational leadership requires a good sense of self and an understanding of the power you have. By reflecting on your positionality, you can better understand how to achieve your goals and help others achieve theirs. On a campus full of resources, knowing the power you have and whose power you can leverage can lead to a lot of great collaborations and growth.


Leadership Styles and Group Dynamics

Thursday, 7/25 – 12pm, Collis 301E

Everyone has their own style and traits as a leader. This workshop will provide an enjoyable and easy-to-remember way for students to explore their own and others distinctive personality traits. Students learn to recognize the values, joys and strengths, stressors and frustrations of each different "personality type" - leading to better relationships, improved teamwork and more effective communication.


Developing Your Personal Leadership Philosophy

Monday, 7/29 – 1pm, Collis 301E

So here you are: "a leader." But what is important to you and motivates you as a leader? What values and experiences guide your decision making to allow you to lead with others and inspire them? Creating or finding your leadership philosophy means that you must explore and reflect upon your personal values, assumptions, and beliefs about leadership. This, in turn, can help guide and direct how you'll lead others.


Managing and Transitioning: Skills for Leading an Organization 

Wednesday, 7/31 – 1pm, Collis 301E    

Transitioning to a leadership role in a student organization can be challenging. This workshop will help you learn how to successfully navigate transitions, but also, how to effectively manage a student organization.


Building Partnerships for Collaboration 

Thursday, 8/1 – 12pm, Collis 301E

You don't have to do it all alone - not as a leader or an organization. Collaborating with other organizations can enhance programming, increase your audience and reach, and foster understanding between students and organizations. But it can also lead to misunderstandings and frustrations if not well-managed. In this session, we will explore how to build mutually beneficial partnerships and communicate between individuals and organizations.