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Winter Carnival 2021

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his year's theme celebrates all things video and virtual gaming - ranging from the arcade to your smartphone. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or someone more likely to be flinging Angry Birds on your phone, we're building a carnival to celebrate the games we grew up with and the characters who have kept us company throughout the last year. 

As you can probably predict, this reboot will look a little different than past Carnival celebrations. We've entered a more challenging game mode, but we're looking forward to developing a fun and festive carnival that will unlock opportunities to participate both in-person and remotely as we combine our love of video games with our annual celebration of winter in New Hampshire.

So ready, set, go! Grab your favorite console, start practicing those combos, complete those tasks, collect more coins, and earn some XP. We're about to press start and once this carnival loads, you won't want to miss a second of the action.

Who picks the theme?

The theme is selected by the students on the Winter Carnival Council each year. The council selects the theme and winning poster and t-shirt designs, and plans and participates in all Winter Carnival events, which include the Opening Celebration, Polar Bear Swim, 99-Cent Ski Day, Human Dog Sled Races, and Ice Sculpture Contest.

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