This Year's Theme

Winter Carnival Council will select and announce the theme for Winter Carnival 2023 in the fall of 2022.

Who picks the theme?

The theme is selected by the students on the Winter Carnival Council each year. The council selects the theme and winning poster and t-shirt designs, and plans and participates in all Winter Carnival events, which include the Opening Celebration, Polar Bear Swim, 99-Cent Ski Day, Human Dog Sled Races, and Ice Sculpture Contest.

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Recent Carnival Themes

Mission: Winter Carnival - License to Chill (2022)

Level-Up: Carnival Rebooted (2021)

A Blizzard of Unbelieveable Beasts: A Carnival of Cryptids (2020)

Ice Age: 250 Years of Winter (2019) 

Snow Wars: May the Frost Be With You (2018)

Dartmouth College of IceCraft & Blizzardry: A Magical Winter Carnival (2017)

Seuss on the Loose (2016)

View more past carnival themes and the associated posters here: Dartmouth Library Collection