Ice Sculpture Contest

The Winter Carnival Council and Collis Center for Student Involvement sponsor an ice sculpture contest during Winter Carnival.

2021 Group B Contest Winners

Winter Carnival Council Award for

Best Use of Theme

photo of snorlax ice sculpture

photo of snorlax ice sculpture

Sculptor's Choice 



sculptors choice winner 1


spare rib ice sculpture

People's Choice Award


yoshi ice sculpt


2021 Group A Contest Winners

Congraultations to the Winners of Group A of our contest, team Perpetually TBD!

Ice Sculpture - Team Perpetually TBD

Image of ice sculpture

Congratulations to Group A Runners-Up team Chiseled Chic!

Chiseled Chic

Ice sculpture image of pine tree

And finally, congratulations to our Honorable Mention team!

honorable mention

Ice sculpture image pac man characters

Contest Details


Any team, organization, department, or group of friends can register to build a sculpture for the Ice Sculpting Contest. Please note that this year's conest will be split into two groups over two weekends. We are limited to 10 teams each weekend

Each group will be competing for a set of prizes including a $200 cash prize!

All team members are required to be approved to be on-campus Winter 2021 and adhering to Dartmouth's testing and monitoring requirements.


A contest held on the lawns of Collis, Robinson, McNutt and Parkhurst to select the best ice sculpture representing this year's Carnival theme.


This year, we will be holding two contests:

Group B will  be able to sculpt Friday February 12, 2pm-10pm and Saturday February 13 9am-3pm.  


In order to participate in this contest, all sculptures must be built at the designated stations. Ice blocks and tools will be provided for your team to borrow.


Currently, we are accepting requests to join the Waiting List for Group B!  Please email to have your name added to the list.


Design Details

Each team gets to have a professional sculptor make major cuts on the sculpture (to the team’s specifications) before carving the rest by hand!

Excellent sources of knowledge and inspiration: