Congratulations from the Green

Faculty and staff of the College are invited to participate in a short video congratulating our 2020 graduates. The video will be featured in the virtual celebration on Sunday, June 14. Congratulations from the Green will be a compilation of brief greetings (4-8 second videos) from faculty, administrators, and staff across campus. We hope to capture as many representatives of the full student experience as possible.


Uploading Your Message

Upload your video to Dartmouth DropBox (you can do this directly from your phone).

Please submit your file by 10pm EDT on Sunday, May 31.

By submitting your images and/or videos, you are granting permission for them to be used in Dartmouth publications such as news stories, photo galleries, videos, or other Dartmouth social media pages and websites. You'll still keep the copyright (credit will be given where possible).

    Celebrating the Class of 2020

    While we respect the many demands on your time, we imagine that creating this video should take no more than 15 minutes. If you are unable to create a short video greeting, please consider sending a photo of you holding a congratulatory message.

    We hope you will agree to be a part of this fun project to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our students, and highlight the important contributions of people across Dartmouth's campus who create the community and sense of belonging that makes those accomplishments possible.

    Recording Your Message

    • Record a really short message – about 4-10 words or 4-8 seconds.  If you're recording without assistance, there may be extra time on the clip as you start and stop the recording.  You can delete that dead time yourself or we can do it after you submit.
    • If you own regalia and feel like using it – go for it!
    • Use or adapt one of the following phrases.  Optional:  Add "Class of 2020" at the beginning or end of the phrase.
      • Congratulations
      • We'll miss you
      • We celebrate all your accomplishments
      • Wish we could be with you today
      • Best wishes
      • We're proud of you
      • You did it

    Recording Tips

    • Use the landscape/horizontal/'sideways" orientation.  This is important for consistency as the clips are stitched together.
    • Position yourself in a location where the primary light source is in front of, rather than behind you. However, please avoid bright direct sunlight.
    • If using a phone: position it horizontally (widescreen)
    • If using a phone: if possible, have someone else film you, or switch to the front-facing camera (selfie mode) so you can verify framing.
    • Mount your camera on a stable surface or tripod at roughly eye level. (You don't want to be looking down or up into the camera)
    • Position yourself in the center of the frame, and make sure there is a little bit of space between the top of your head and the top of the frame.
    • Find where your device's camera lens is located, and look into the lens while talking. (Don't look at yourself on-screen)